Links to the Fun! TOOT TOOT (I’m serious!)

First the Music (this one’s for my dad) then the Links to everything I can think of . . . fun things to look at or watch while we drive to the Ocean Liner.  Are you packed?  I just remembered that in England there are lots of deep bathtubs, so while my tea water was boiling I ran upstairs and got the bubble bath and tucked it in!!  OMG.

Yesterday, in the middle of the packing, my eyes landed on this souvenir doll Joe got when he was twelve, on his way home with his mom from England on the Holland America Line (I forget which boat!) so I thought I’d take a picture of it to show you.  It survived really well, except for the time the top of his hat apparently got a little too close to the fire!

Rather frightening face don’t you think?  Bad dreams could come from this.  But as you will see, he turned out to be quite a fine fellow.  And as you know, it is rare for me to take a picture these days without my little shadow popping in.  My adorable little shadow.

Jack is thinking, “Him? You’re taking picture of him? Why?”

“What is he?  A doll?  Can he fetch?”

“Do you like him as much as you like me?  Look at his eyes!  He can’t even focus.  You want a friend that can’t focus?”

“La dee dah, I won’t look at him.  Then maybe she will get rid of him.”

“Nope. Still there.”

“But hey, he doesn’t seem so bad — he’s kind of growing on me.  He sure doesn’t talk much; he must not be related to you!  Does he have a name?”

“He’s soft!  I have my own human!  Is he human? He looks sort of human!”

“I like him.  He can lay on me.  Let’s call him Pete!  Take our picture; I’ll pretend to nap; lay him on me!”

 And so it goes.  Right this moment I can hear the pitter patter of little feet running around upstairs; Jack and Girl playing!  They’ve been doing that all this week!  I think by the time we get home, with no interference from me, my two kitties will be bonded. Sometimes mom just has to get out of the way!

SO, I have to go, as you know!  But here are some links, most of them have come in from our girlfriends, I thought I’d put them all in one place so you will have this easy reference: First off, the MOON, Saturday is the full Flower moon.  We could have stormy skies at sea and not be able to see it, but we know this is what will be shining down on us; and YOU, the biggest moon of the year. Be sure to go outside and make a wish on it.  My wish is that I can take photos of moonrise from the rail of the ship!

Next, you might want to take a virtual tour of the Queen Mary II.  This is the BEST LINK for the ship, you can see EVERYTHING!!! Just put your cursor on the words underneath the British gentleman and choose what you’d like to see. Put your luggage in the stateroom of your choice!  Then meet us in the Commodore Club for a Pink Champagne Cocktail!

Next, when the ship pulls out of its berth in New York, it will be going under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge past the Statue of Liberty on its way out to sea.  There’s a web cam, you can watch us go, live!  Don’t worry if it’s raining; ships do fine in the rain … it might rain because it’s spritzing here right now!  But if it’s dry, look for me on deck, I’ll be waving at you!

This camera is perched on the bridge of the Queen Mary herself.  Day and night, it provides a view of whatever the Captain sees all the way across the Atlantic, like watching the hummingbird nest only with nothing in the nest! When the first lights of land are visible, we can see it from the TV in our stateroom and run outside to call “Land Ho!”  You can look at it right now and see what the ship is doing; I just looked, it’s almost daybreak out there; the Queen is approaching New York to pick us up tomorrow!  No Land Ho for them yet, but soon!

This next link has nothing to do with the ship; but if you live in California, and are itching for some FUN … it’s time again for the Remnants of the Past Vintage Show in beautiful San Luis Obispo. You know this is my friend Judy Watkin’s show; rated the best in the country by both Romantic Homes and Country Living Magazine, among others!  I was there last year; it’s a Girlfriend’s Extravaganza, just a great weekend in the California sunshine, among the flowers!  I’d be there this year, except, as you know, I won’t be here!!!  It’s not until June 2 and 3; so if you want to go, you’ll have plenty of time to plan.  Be sure to say hello to Judy for me!  She’s just as sweet as she looks! 

 Last but not least, I want to leave you with a little bit more music . . . one of my very favorite songs by Marilyn Monroe . . . she’s singing Bye Bye Baby to her boyfriend before she sails away to Europe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  He’s sad she’s going, but she has a way of talking him right out of it!  (I’m so lucky I’m taking my boyfriend with me!)  She’s on the loose but she’ll stay on the square!  I know I’ll be singing this as the ship pulls out!  Singing Bye Bye Babies … that’s to you! We’re going to England!  Hooray!!!!  XOXO

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198 Responses to Links to the Fun! TOOT TOOT (I’m serious!)

  1. Priscilla says:

    Bon Voyage! Have a wonderful trip!

    Priscilla from So. CA in SD

  2. Caro says:

    Safe travels to you and Joe. I just love your kitties, especially Jack. He has a “kissy” mug!

  3. Oh Susan and Joe, have the time of your lives, I just know you will! Looking forward to the flower moon, we will all be looking at it together, you sailing away us on land but virtually there with you! Jack is so funny with Joe’s doll! The kitties will both be perched together at the window when they hear you come home I bet! Peeking out your beautifully laced window!

    Toot toot!
    tweet tweet!

    And I am driving to CA this summer with my brother from Huntington Beach via Ok and TX doing family research there. Can’t wait to go to the art festivals in my home town Laguna Beach! Yeah!

  4. Rosemary says:

    This is the most fun! How fortunate we are that you are willing to share this adventure. I am a little surprised at myself how excited I am to get to see your posts and all the things you will do and see. Wishing you a bon voyage! Safe journey! Thank you so much for letting us have a taste of England with you!

  5. Deb Loze says:

    Have a wonderful trip and safe travels! Going to miss seeing the pictures of Jack though:-)

  6. Jackie P says:

    Bon Voyage! Am so excited for you! Thanks for all the pix of Jack! Bentley will explode when he sees those close up shots of his favorite kitty!

  7. Ruthie P says:

    Bon Voyage Susan and Joe…have the bestest trip ever! Thank you for being so kind(more than kind) to take us with you.I will be watching the ship sail away via the internet.I hope you see the biggest moon from your ship,you really deserve to see that!!! Have to give a shout out to your wonderful Mom…because of her(and your Dad ofcoarse) we have you!!! Be safe Sue and Joe,and enjoy:) BTW…Jack is getting so BIG!!! xoxo Ruthie

  8. Janet says:

    Well, here we go! It’s finally time to start out! Hope you have packed “everything” as Joe once told you. Just a quick note to say safe travels and a wonderful magical time across the pond and throughout Merry Olde! Will be watching the QM leave New York Harbor Friday evening. Close your eyes and you’ll see 100s and 100s of we GFs waving and blowing kisses right back at ya! Eagerly looking forward to all the news from the road [and waves] too. And take it easy too! Remember, it’s a vacation and a pleasure trip – and relaxation is just as important as everything else! Have a wonderful wonderful time Sue and Joe!

  9. Diane from Washington state says:

    I am soooo excited for you and Joe….BON VOYAGE! This is the trip of a lifetime…and two whole months! I cant imagine that much time in England…yay! You will be speaking with British undertones when you return home! lol. I loved Jack and his little doll….which totally reminds me of those demonic ventriliquist dolls from horror movies…lol. Those are the sweetest pictures for you to take with you and pull out when you get lonely for him. I read that some cats express their love by wrapping their legs and paws around a person in a hug…..Jack must really love that little doll. You left us so much to look at and listen to…thank you! It will help keep me grounded tonight and until we all hear from you again tomorrow. Once again….I am so excited for you and wish you and your sweetie the very best and happiest of all vacations! Sending you hugs…….

  10. Shanna says:

    Bon Voyage Susan and Joe! I can’t believe we are almost there! Well, almost to New York, that is. One small step away for you and a few hundred of your closest friends. Thanks for letting us tag along!

  11. Jenny says:

    Your excitement is brimming over the screen and onto my cluttered desk! Have a WONDERFUL time Susan! I can’t wait to hear all about it and see what little painted scenes you create from this journey. Safe travels.

  12. Tricia in Connecticut says:

    Have a wonderful, wonderful trip.
    Can’t wait to follow Heart of the Home Abroad!

  13. Carolyn (SoCA) says:

    Seems like just a moment ago that you told us about the dream and tomorrow it begins to become reality. I am so excited for you and Joe and pray for the sweetest holiday (as they call it in Europe) ever! Cherrio and Bon Voyage!

  14. Mary S. says:

    You’re right! That doll of Joe’s is cute AND scary looking!! The pics of him and Jack are adorable!! I was ecstatic to read that Jack and Girl Kitty are playing together!!! Yay!!
    I am soooo excited about your trip!! So thrilled that you are taking us along with you!! *sigh*
    Happy Sailing!!
    Love from Mary S. in Fresno, CA

  15. Nancy B says:

    Bon Voyage, Susan and Joe! Happy sailing….

  16. Barbara says:

    Isn’t a dream trip the BEST! I know you will have a grand time, looking forward to all your post from across the pond. Bon Voyage!!! Smooth sailing!! Have a grand time!!

  17. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Wishing you a safe and wonderful trip Susan!!! How exciting for all of us to come along with the two of you via the web!!! What a blessing! Thank you!!!

  18. Beth Keser says:

    Have a wonderful trip! I can’t wait to tag along 🙂 I love sailing out of New York, but I have never sailed across the Atlantic! I am so glad you will be sharing it with us. Enjoy!!

  19. Juliana says:

    I realize that you will already be en route by the time I post this, so sorry I’m late. I’ve been away for a week bringing my daughter home from college (Yay!). Just wanted to wish you and Joe a wonder~filled, dreamy voyage and memory making trip! Thank you for allowing us to come with you! So excited to see Peter Rabbit’s home – I have always loved Beatrix Potter, and decorated my first baby’s nursery with all things Potter. Still one of my favorite rooms! Some day my husband and I will get to England, too! Love all that you do for us! Saying a prayer for safe travels!

  20. Nancy M. says:

    Jack has his own “human”… funny! 😉

  21. Margot says:

    Bon Voyage!!!

  22. JFETZ says:

    I am so excited for you and Joe – and can’t wait to see and hear about and share in all your wonderful adventures. Enjoy every single blessed moment – Pip Pip Cheerio!!

  23. L Prince, Bakersfield, CA says:

    Have a wonderful time – bet you don’t sleep tonight. I am so glad you are taking us with you. I can hardly wait to see the English Gardens, I have already made plans with girlfriends to attend Remnants of the Past. Last October I met Judy while my husband and I were having lunch and then I met you (by the way I was so nervous when I met you and you were so nice – we even took a picture together). I had a great time – its a beautiful show.

  24. Dinahsoar says:

    Awwww….love the pics of Jack Poirot with the sailor dude…great to hear Jack P. and Girl Kitty are playing tog….Sweet. AND…love all the great links..I’ve checked them out. Will be watching the web cams–hoping to see the QE2 as it leaves port. You must be sooooo excited!…and the song you chose for your dad…I loved it too…he’s a man after my own heart…from the hills of TN

  25. M J Smith says:

    Oh my … you had me laughing with your cute little Jack and Pete story!! Have a wonderful and safe trip!

  26. Lori says:

    Ha ha – yes that sailor toy looks completely deranged! What kind of room do you have on the ship? A room with a view I hope? Do you remember that movie? So wonderful! I am looking forward to crossing the Atlantic with you. Thanks for taking us along! xo Lori

  27. Kathy McKinstry says:

    Hi Susan,
    I love the pictures you took of Jack and the sailor doll! You did a great job of speaking for Jack, I’m sure those are exactly the words he was thinking. I can’t believe you got his little paw around that doll and then to take a nap with it!!! The two of you are a pair!!! I just love it!
    Have a safe and wonderful trip to England, I will be traveling along with you in spirit just like all your other faithful followers!
    Kathy from CT.

  28. Dorothy Ann says:

    * Oh! How Exciting! Susan! It’s almost Sailing time! *
    Are you ready?
    With all that you posted yesterday on your Blog…the music, the links, the virtual tour of Queen Mary II and the webcams all set to roll, I am ready!

    This is me waving…to you and Joe…~ ~ ~ ~
    * Luv from Dorothy Ann on Cougar Mountain, Washington *

  29. Lori Ragalis says:

    Have a wonderful time and thanku you sooo much for taking us with you. I have been so excited to see all that you are sharing with us ………wishing you a safe and most wonderful voyage……… Lori

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you Lori, and ALL of you for your WONDERFUL, Happy and POSITIVE comments. So amazing we can do this together … hope it works! I promise to do my best, when I can get at the computer! Also, don’t forget Twitter! XOXO All Aboard!! Bon Voyage! Did you know they have a full English tea every day on the ship!? Oh yes, we’re going!!!

  30. sbranch says:

    It’s 8:15 am est, we’re driving from Connecticut to NY City, leaving now, heading for ship! See you all there!

    • Joan Lesmeister says:

      We’re right behind you – or we’ve got your back! Soooo excited! Glued to the computer for the day 🙂 Thank you, dear sweet Sue & Joe for taking us along!!! Love you!

    • Angie(Tink!) says:

      Morning Sweet Sue & Joe….so You are On Your Way to The Ship…. 🙂 I’ve got The Champagne on Ice…This is Very Exciting…& Full English Tea Every Day…Scrumptious!….ok….Glittery Confetti all ready…Pixie~Dust too….1-2-3….Bon Voyage Sweet Sue & Joe! Yay! Twirling into The Queen Mary II….xoxo Poof! 🙂 ♥ ♥ ♥ “Ello~Luv” ♥ ♥ ♥

  31. So many decks! Which deck is your cabin located on?

  32. Hi Girlfriends, it looks like Susan made the hardest part of day 1…Leaving Jack and Girl behind. phew now it’s time for her dream trip to begin and may all of us enjoy every part of this adventure. Wishing all of you a beautiful day and a glorious weekend.

  33. Cindy Stokes says:

    Bon Voyage and Smooth Sailing Susan!! I’ll be thinking of you and your Joe as you sail the seas to your beloved England. I’ll live vicariously through your words and photos as I read your blog updates. Have a marvelous, romantic and adventure filled journey! Come back home safely : )


  34. Deb from Dixie says:

    England here we come………Happy Sailing Susan and Joe!
    What adventures await us? We are SO EXCITED!
    Thanks for packing us in your suitcase…….and giving us a birdseye, virtual vacation!
    Ship Ahoy!

  35. Pam K says:

    Miss Susan, I wish you happy and safe travels. I can’t imagine how excited you and Joe must be. Such an amazing way to travel! You make me aspire to try new adventures girlfriend. Thanks also for the pictures of Jack, who is amazing for not picking up that little doll and prancing off with it. I’ve said it before, gosh I miss having a cat. And how happy that Girl Kitty and Jack are playing!
    From your earlier Mother’s Day post – your mother is just plain beautiful. I think it’s wonderful how you and your brothers and sisters were raised in such a loving household. Bless her and you! Take care and be safe little girlfriend! Pam K. from Dallas, TX.

  36. Donna Ray says:

    Good Gravy, I almost missed the boat!! We have been traveling down home in Missouri and haven’t checked in with you all in a long time. That’s me running along the dock to jump onto the gangplank just before it gets pulled up! Soooooo happy to be along. Thanks, Susan, for all the sites to keep us alongside you and Joe. Oh, this is fun! Tally Ho! As always, DonnaRay

  37. Wendy says:

    Pete is a bit bizarre, in good shape, but I guess ‘cupie or kewpie??!’ type dolls did sport strange expressions! Well now I will think of Jack & Pete nestled together while you and Joe are traveling! BON VOYAGE, so thrilling for us all. Thanks again for taking us along. We are blessed. Enjoy!

  38. Kristina Moore says:

    LOL at the pictures of Jack and the doll… Have a wonderful trip!

  39. carol shapiro says:

    Have the time of your lives…blessings to you both and “safe travels” …we cruised last year for the very first time ( wonderful time, on
    Princess ) and a highlight of our day was afternoon tea….who knew?!

  40. Jack says:

    O K — here’s the plan — you’re getting close, now when you turn in that vehicle you rented to make the commute to N.Y., get a Limo and have them deliver you to the ship, be sure the driver and his assistant are wearing “livery” as they carry your elegant luggage. As you know, first impressions are everything when you are crusing……

  41. erica says:

    Greetings Susan!

    Of course, loved your post (again) Thank you. Okay, now I know this is corny but it seems appropriate at this point in time. Here goes…

    There are BIG ships and there
    are little ships….but the
    BEST ship is

    And……a whole lot of us are thinking of you today as you embark on a wonderful memory-making journey of a lifetime. BON VOYAGE, friend. Have too much fun!!!

    Speaking of ships and boats…try and say “toy boat” three times, really fast. *smile*

    As always,
    Erica XO

    PS. You and Jack….what more can I say? It’s love, isn’t it? Adorable.

  42. Sharon H says:

    Oh Susan I just want to wish you and Joe a truly wonderful, happy, safe and magical journey and to thank you again for taking us with you. With all you do and show us it IS almost like being there! I looked at the website for the Queen Mary that you put on here and it is amazing! So huge and so luxurious!! I saw the webcam and it would be fantastic if we really could see you on the ship’s deck waving to us! What a bunch of lucky FOSB girlfriends we are that’s for sure! Here’s wishing you and Joe a wonderful voyage!! lots of hugs from Sharon in Maine xxxooo

  43. Terri J says:

    Have a safe and fun trip! Hope you trip the light fantastic while you’re out there too! (Is there dancing on board? Picturing glasses of bubbly pink champagne, you and Joe dancing under the stars – what could be more romantic? ~swoon~). High tea with tiny delicacies (~swooning~ again, at the thought of it)…
    I get seasick, but I do SO love the whole IDEA of the ocean cruise, so armchair traveling to England – the place I’d most like to visit – what a wonderful gift, this is…Thanks so much for living out loud and taking us all along. Waving my hankerchief from the dock, ‘Bon Voyage!!! Don’t forget to write!’
    Can hardly wait for those virtual postcards!

  44. Jack says:

    And yes there will be those occasions when you will want to be wearing your LOL necklace.

    • sbranch says:

      It is 100% ON me now! Has been since you sent it for my Birthday, Love it!! We are going for Emergency Boat Drill wearing full life jackets in about 10 minutes! Wish you were here!

    • Pat Mofjeld says:

      What is a “LOL necklace”?

      • Jack says:

        It’s LOL on a fine gold-colored costume jewelry, chain with the letters LOL encrusted with “diamonds” — kinda unique ….. like her!

  45. Jack says:

    As we approach this upcoming 5th of May it behooves us landlocked but vicarious transatlantic travelers to wish you guys a very,” Feliz Cinco de Mayo” and we would all like you to have Margaritas and Nachos , on us , for lunch — just charge it to our virtual staterooms — the ones with the extended balconies… And don’t worry if you get a little seasick — look at it as your way of developing a good appetite for dinner ….

  46. judi says:

    Well it’s 4:09 est. Less than an hour to your departure. I have the NY Harbor Webcam ready (found the QM2 in the harbor) have the ship webcam – (that’s not doing anything and the moment) AND I can read and see the pics and videos from your tweets – that is sooo exciting. I don’t have a twitter account so can not reply but just know us non tecky ones are with you:::)))) Have my wine glass ready to toast your departure – you lucky ducks!

  47. Dawn from Minnesota says:

    SO SPECIAL ! XoXDawn

    • sbranch says:

      We leave momentarily, talk about butterflies, but I’m SO happy to have you all along! Am going to be interested to see what kind of computer service we’ll have after the ship sails…bear with me while I figure it out! OK, almost time!

      • Joan Lesmeister says:

        We are thrilllllllllled with what you’ve figured out so far – you go girl!!! xoxo

      • Dawn from Minnesota says:

        Oh Susan !!! “Thank YOU!” I have a daughter in Italy and
        it can be a challenge at times! I cannot wait to show
        this to my husband Bret…..look a reply!!!!…..I’m not just
        staring at a ship….I’m sending a “real” friend off !!!!!
        And ….the viewers on the NY Webcam is over 200 !!!
        Well, you made me teary and Oh soooo Happy!!!…..Bret calls
        you my addiction….I call you my friend….and You will always
        be “REAL” to me, forever and ever!!! Over the moon…
        for what awaits You and Joe !!! Just love you!!!! XoxDawn

        • sbranch says:

          That’s right Dawn, here we are right now, it’s all such a miracle!Tell Brett Joe and I are saying HI!

          • Dawn from Minnesota says:

            It was very Majestic….Peaceful….Beautiful !!!
            Every once in awhile I would see something
            twinkle…..a camera flash?…..a diamond ring???
            I’m thinkin’ it was YOU!!! :.} Well, Bret
            gave me a hug with a wink in his eye and a
            shake of his head… I kept watching and
            wishing You and Joe the Best Wishes I Got!!!
            I hope EVERYTHING is just…. Magically Real
            for you both !!!! And I will be thinking of You
            tomorrow when I plant those first gladiolus
            bulbs of mine…. in the rain !!!

  48. Terry says:

    Have a wonderful wonderful time!!!

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you!

      • Sue (from Michigan) says:

        How intensely fun is this?! Watching the Queen Mary 2 leave the harbor, it feels almost like being on the trip with you. You and Joe are the best to share this adventure. Have the most marvelous time!

  49. judi says:

    Ha, I have been watching the NY Harbor Webcam since 4:30 p.m. eastern time. It is so neat – however, was beginning to worry that you would be spending your vaca in NY Harbor! Did start drinking my wine shortly after 5 and a good thing I only had 1/2 bottle … is quite gone. My husband enjoying the harbor too on his computer isn’t it amazing. I almost fell off my chair when you tweeted, oh, oh and I saw the black smoke. Your videos are coming thru super too. I’ll keep watching till you leaveeeeeeee. Hugs!

  50. judi says:

    WOW, WOW, that has got to be it…….happy trails!

  51. Sherri says:

    Jack looks so suave! Just like Don Ameche.
    I had a wonderful time ‘visiting’ the Queen Mary website and wondering which room is yours. What a great experience.
    Thank you for sharing your trip. I’ve always wanted to go to Britain and this may be the chance I have to really see it. I know your comments will be filled with descriptions and photos. You’re very generous to take time from your vacation to share.
    Dance under the stars. Have a great time.

  52. Kathy Kip says:

    I’m watching the webcam as the Queen Mary sails out of NY harbor – what a beautiful ship! I think I saw a tiny person waving at us – I’m sure it’s you, Susan. Hope you and Joe have the trip of a lifetime as all the girlfriends come along for the ride.

  53. Sharon says:

    The NY Harbor webcam is da bomb! Thanks for the links, friends!

  54. Silvia Niomi says:

    Weeeee Heeee….. I just followed the Queen Mary 2 on the NY webcam heading out to sea. A few minutes she just passed the (Brooklyn?) bridge and then lost sight of her. Must mean your out of harbor and approaching ‘out to sea.’ How exciting!!! She is graceful and BIG. At one point, the webcam had close up and could see people. I also signed up on twitter and will follow your sea trip there. The videos are coming through very well. xoxoxo

  55. Jaimee from Nampa Idaho says:

    OMG… just watched you float out to sea on the web cam. Came here to catch up on posts and read another person mention tweets. I do not have a phone either and didn’t know I could get them on the computer! Now I have something to read tonight! Have a Fabulous time.

  56. Jackie P says:

    it was such FUN to watch the QE2 move through the harbor. (A few times I thought I might even shed a tear or two! So amazing to see such a large vessel with the NYC skyline in the background.) I started watching at 4:45 and stayed with it until the ship was well past the Verrazano-Narrows bridge and out of sight. It was really a thrill! I took several screen shots of the ship as viewed from the webcam (about 16). Wow. they are spectacular views. How can I send them to you? I toasted you and Joe with my humble glass of chardonnay. You are truly off now. So exciting. Thanks for including all of us.

  57. Lynn M. says:

    Bon voyage! So excited for you and Joe (and for all of the girlfriends who are tagging along). Wishing you a wonderful, safe journey–cannot wait for what lies ahead! I laughed out loud when I read the saga of Jack and Pete…his own human! Haha! Made my day!

  58. Rosie Snow says:

    It was SO exciting seeing the QM2 depart from New York harbor, and knowing you and your Joe were on it made it all the more special! She was beautiful and majestic and looked like she was really moving fast going under the bridge. Thanks for taking us with you–must be costing you a fortune! LOL

  59. Sherri says:

    Thought I posted a comment earlier but must be lost in the mail. Hope you are sleeping peacefully.

  60. Sherri says:

    Oh, there it is!

  61. Barb says:

    So excited as my husband and I watched the Queen Mary II leave through the harbor and pass under the bridge via the NY Harbor Webcam last evening and followed along with you on twitter! We don’t have a twitter account either but it sure is exciting to follow all the excitement you are sharing with all of us. Thank you and so very happy for you!
    Can’t wait to see what comes next. Hugs & Smiles Barb, Ludlow MA

  62. Barbara T, Wolverine Lake MI says:

    well I missed the sail….that’s ok. but yes, that little sailor doll has a bit of a scary face, reminds me a bit of the clown on Polterguist!! ha! anyway have a safe trip! a friend told me you are you taking names to hook us up with penpals? did she imagine that? what is that all about. someone inform me!

  63. Pat Mofjeld says:

    Norm and I watched the ship leave New York, too. It is amazing how big it is, was really exciting to watch. No one we know has taken a cruise like this and if they did, they wouldn’t probably be “taking us along” it this way so we’re really enjoying it all! Isn’t the technology amazing! And thanks to you and Joe for sharing…

  64. Diane S. says:

    Have a safe & wonderful trip. I forget to watch last nite. 🙁 .

  65. Rosinda says:

    Oh, Susan, how exciting!! I checked out the link for the virtual tour of the Queen Mary II. Now I can see exactly where you are! And I saw the live camera too. Hope you are enjoying every minute. I’m wondering what you are doing right now?? You must share a photo of tea and scones. Ahhh…

    Rosinda xoxo

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