Book Tour 101

Hi Girlfriends!!! MUSICA   . . . Here we are, in Cincinnati, Ohio, going soon to our Saturday book signing at Joseph-Beth at 2 pm . . . I had a few hours this morning so I thought I’d update you on this lovely trip across country . . . where everything is blossoming and it’s . . .spring!


You should see the wild dogwoods, both pink and white, all through Pennsylvania and here in Ohio . . . they grow wild, and in the Allegheny mountains, they were so thick they almost looked like snow!


Most trees are leafing out now . . .


And so far, our welcoming committees have been outstanding! This almost required a dog-napping . . .

IMG_7356 get-attachment.aspx


Where are we? I don’t know. But, thank goodness, because . . .


None of this would be possible without my map-man, pathfinder, van organizer, sidekick and love of my life. 

23 city booktour

Here we are, just pulling out of our driveway on the Island, heading for the ferry in the Fine Romance van, all packed and “ready” as we’ll ever be, because this is it! here we go!IMG_7234

Kisses goodbye . . . 💋


And so it begins . . . SO EXCITING . . . For a little San Fernando Valley Girl, this is beyond wonderful . . .

IMG_7650 normalMeeting all our wonderful Girlfriends, Blog Girls, FOSB’s, and Tweetettes . . . do you see yourself here?IMG_7535


Oh, yes we can!


Sometimes I read from one of the books . . . and I always answer questions . . .


Here I am, ear scratching while talking to our Twitter Girlfriend Georgie @FarmGirlGeorgie (she’s wearing a scarf she just made from her new Spoonflower fabric) and we are speaking . . .



This is Liz, the event coordinator at R.J. Julia’s in Connecticut, introducing me . . .


We’ve been having fun wherever we go . . .


We love our little Independent Bookstores . . .


The Learned Owl is a family affair, that’s Kate Schlademan (who owns the store) in the green, with her mom and dad, Lois and Jim . . .


These bookstores add so much character to their towns, towns that make for a wonderful livable, homey America . . . we celebrate them!birdandsign

Out of the 23 book signings we’ve scheduled, today in Cincinnati will be our fifth . . . we still have 18 to go . . . Come see us! ← Click there for our itinerary.ThreeBooks

But if you can’t make it, we’ve left signed copies of all the books at each of the stores we’ve visited . . . (even a few Autumn books) ~ you’ll find phone numbers for these stores in our itinerary . . .

Off she goes!


I’d love for you to meet some of our friends . . . like Barbara and her husband . . .


Yes! Our Fairy Tale Guys have been there too!


And so many Girlfriends!friendsIMG_7696







And twin sisters too . . .FG230

All with so much in common . . .

And perfect timing for Mother’s Day . . . so many Moms and Daughters . . .




family love






Hearts can Inspire




The “road” has been fun, as it always is . . . so much to see. This little car parked next to us at one of our hotels . . . we thought, “How green! Only a rubber band to keep this one going!”


I waited until the cart was half empty before I took the photo, to make us look at least a little bit civilized . . . so you didn’t get to see that we really did bring the kitchen sink.


I’m always trying to catch good photos out our car windows . . . Pennsylvania has the most beautiful old stone houses and barns . . .


Not a lot of traffic if you keep off the main highways! Here we are on our way to a tiny town in Ohio called, of all things, and most appropriately, “Willard.”

photo 1

We wanted to stop there to visit with our printer . . . the ones who make it possible for us to put “made in America” on all of our books . . .

photo 2

Here we are in the waiting room, looking out the window toward the parking lot on a perfectly gorgeous spring day!


The printing plant was huge, covering over 30 acres, there were even railroad cars parked inside, being filled . . . and SO interesting, a place filled to the brim with books ~ and with them, the hopes and dreams of authors and publishers, that they may have created something to help make the world a better place.

antique books

Go Little Book!

. . . I’m sorry, they wouldn’t let us take photos inside, so I can’t show you. We had to walk down little yellow painted walkways (for safety sake) and wear earplugs! HUGE MACHINES . . . and all those trade secrets had to be protected. But they showed us how HEART OF THE HOME was coming along, and gave us the components of the book, pages, ribbon, cover . . . to take with us.


The pages aren’t bound yet, but they’ve been sewn together . . . I’m wild about the color, love the paper, really happy about the new recipes and the new art . . . my baby has a whole new set of clothes! 


It was a treat to meet the people responsible and see pages so very hot off the press!♨️

Pie tops for Heart of the Home

Seems like just yesterday I was doing this . . .🎨


So, let’s see, what other fun things have we seen? Oh yes, we love to visit supermarkets in other parts of the country . . . This is Hienen’s in Hudson, Ohio ~ a perfectly wonderful place, GO there if you can… you will love it . . . It’s Trader Joe’s, times ten, every kind of flower, a real butcher cutting meat, huge salad bar, beautiful already-made salads, gorgeous breads, and then of course, the dessert section! No, we did not JUST take pictures!a picture


Loved the architecture there too . . . and these charming spring wreaths . . .


And the tree lined streets . . .


And the signs of spring everywhere we looked . . . I had to take pictures for you, flowers to  wish you the very happiest . . .

Mothers dayTo all you wonderful mothers and nurturers everywhere. While we’ve been on the road, we’ve had Teacher’s Day and Nurse’s Day too, nurturers all! Be sure to reward yourselves . . .Make that milk cake you see on your May calendar page, or go HERE for the recipe . . . And then . . . do this . . .

Spring has sprung

B e c a u s e . . . .fun is goodAnd you deserve it!  Okay, off I go to the exercise room to ride that bike and read my new book . . . We’ll keep in touch . . . thank you for coming along. Hope we get to see some of you along the way! Thank you for your wonderful, tear-inducing,  comments about the new book ~ and, well, for everything! XOXO

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503 Responses to Book Tour 101

  1. Georgia Crews says:

    Ive almost finished the new book and hate for it to end .My neighbor was here and I am goint to let her read it next I know she will love it too! Your pictures are great you make one feel as though they are right with you! You are a doll! Love Georgia Crews from NC

  2. sylvia in seattle says:

    It sure is fun to see those interesting Independent Bookstores and of course the friends meeting up with you and Joe. Luckily there is an Indie bookstore near me called Secret Garden on NW Market street in Ballard. Love stopping in there for cards and almost always come out with a book as well. It’s surviving in the midst of nightmare “development” of giant condo/apartment complexes taking over this part (and others) of Seattle. Ohio looks just lovely and very fun to see the giant RR Donnelly building. I’m on my second read-through of MV Isle of Dreams. Between this and the Grace and Frankie series I’m a happy camper these days. AND, more fabric coming soon 🙂 Happy Travels.

  3. Susie says:

    Can’t wait to see you this month! Safe, happy travels to you.

  4. Susan, I loved seeing all the beautiful scarves under the beautiful faces. You know, it’s funny…a lot of faces seemed very familiar! Possibly because I’ve followed them home from their blog comments…otherwise, can’t possibly imagine how I’d know anyone. Susan, your travelogues are the next best thing to being there; God speed to you and Joe.

  5. Susie (Rocky Point, NY) says:

    Oh happy day! I loved seeing a new post from your journey. How wonderful those quaint towns and well loved book shops sound. And seeing the faces of all the happy girlfriends along the way. Enjoy the trip and sights of the USA. Thanks for sharing it all with us. xo

  6. RobinLynn says:

    Love the update <3 Safe travels to you and Joe and I can't wait to see you both again in California

  7. Mary in Ohio says:

    Was such fun getting to meet you in Hudson, Oh. The day was beautiful, if a little windy at times. I also had a fantastic day with my daughter…lunching, shopping, and visiting with you and Joe. Hope the rest of your trip is just as beautiful.

  8. Gail says:

    Oh, you are so busy, but you put up a beautiful blog post for us!! Thank you for such wonderful inspiration! See you soon in Kansas City!!! Have a wonderful trip.

  9. charlotte m. says:

    Thank you for the travel log. I love seeing the pictures. It’s almost like being along for the ride.

  10. Barbara L says:

    Enjoying the pics from your travels and truly love your
    books. Safe travels

  11. Chris Miller says:

    Oh Susan! It was so good to hear from you and to know that you are traveling along wonderfully and keeping all of us in your heart as you go! Lovely sights and visions you have shared with us here, including all the beauteous smiles of your many readers! I just finished Isle of Dreams and I want to start it all over again. My book club just completed A Fine Romance for last month’s book (so much joy and appreciation was expressed by the group), so I should probably start at the beginning of your life’s story…and reread Fairy Tale Girl! Yup! That’s what I’ll do, since I just don’t ever get tired of reading your style and wit in your writing.
    Cheers and here’s to many more good travels!
    Chris Miller, Sacramento CA

  12. Terri Christiansen says:

    Your newsletter makes my heart sing…thanks for sharing!!

  13. Marilyn H says:

    Hello Traveling Susan and Joe (the driver),
    As you safely wind your way across America to California and see the lovely sights of our grand country, know that we are excited to see you in Danville and can’t imagine that we’d even have our pics taken with you if that’s at all possible. You are the kind of celebrity we have always wanted to meet (well, maybe Brad Pitt would be ok) lol. Take care and til the end of May ! ta ta.

  14. Jo Marsh says:

    You are not coming my way, (Michigan). but my niece Alison is waiting for you in California. Just got Isle of Dreams. Tried to savor it, but couldn’t stop myself–finished in the wee small hours. Love, loss, finding ourselves. Ah, and all the perfect songs and paintings and photos and quotes…thanks for sharing your life with us. Should be keeping a diary/journal myself. Love, blessings, and wondrous journeys always.

  15. Gladys Marie says:

    Bless your heart. I lived in Pennsylvania many years, and your photos and comments have warmed my heart. Sitting and reading, while listening to my own wind chimes, I’ve been nurtured by you … again. Thanks so much Dear Susan.

  16. Maureen P says:

    I just loved your book Martha’s Vineyard, Isle of Dreams!! Now my daughter is reading it, and she loves it, too!! I thought your cottage was so adorable. Take care and enjoy your journey across the country!

  17. Lynne says:

    Can’t wait until June at Bookends!!!!

  18. Cathy Hoff says:

    Thank you for the wonderful reading and talk. It was so nice to meet you and Joe. You are exactly as I thought you would be. And it was wonderful making some new friends. I just have to remember next time to bring my other books! I was so excited to meet you I left home without my books AND camera! Oy vey. And I was serious about visiting us the next time you guys are in Saratoga Springs…we can show you the town like only a native Saratogian can. Safe travels you guys!

  19. Debbie Noyola says:

    I finished Isle of Dreams. It was dreamy! I loved it. I loved it. Maybe in your next book you can share even more about your courtship with your sweetie, Joe. You know how girlfriends are. They want details. So glad you are enjoying your book signing tour. We would love for you to come to Seattle. Mark that down on your agenda, please.🗓✒️

  20. Vicki says:

    A perfect time to tour the country and see spring “springing”. Have a wonderful week of travel. We love the updates!

  21. Starr miller says:

    Hello Susan
    Thanks for the great photos and updates. I love internet- traveling with you and Joe.
    Your girlfriends are very lucky to get to meet you. I sure loved it when we met in Downers Grove two years ago.
    You are traveling through some gorgeous country.
    By the time you hit Winnetka, it might even be warm.
    I was in Chicago yesterday to see Van Gogh’s bedrooms exhibit at the Art Institute. It was in the 70’s and sunny. (You and Joe would have loved the exhibit).
    Looking forward to more posts. So happy you are on the road and somewhat carefree.
    Let Joe spoil you tomorrow. Happy Mother’s Day from your kitties.

  22. Merrilyn Rutledge says:

    Love all the pics. Love old books and would love to look at the ones you have pictured. Enjoy your trip.

  23. Mary Ann in Tennessee says:

    Thank you for another wonderful post. Made me smile. What a great way to see the country, especially the smaller towns! Loved the new book. I laughed out loud, and I needed that! Your ups and downs were very similar to mine during almost the same timeframe. And thankfully, gratefully I met my wonderful Prince Charming. Hold on tight and cherish every single moment you have together. It goes so quickly.
    Mary Ann

  24. Joan Kotvas says:

    Still talking about book signing at Holly Hedge. Susan and Joe were everything I expected and more. Iam so sorry I didn’t get u a cup of tea while you were signing all the books. Bud and I enjoyed meeting both of you. We are contemplating going to Cape Cod in July but concerned about crowds and hotel accommodations that time of year. Did you get a kick out of the little bunnies sitting at their desks?
    Hope to see you again. Joan

  25. Jeannie S says:

    Looks like a wonderful trip. My hubby works for RR Donnelley here in Houston.
    They were kind and hired him after he was laid off from the oil patch last year.
    Enjoy your travels and be safe!

  26. Fran says:

    Thanks for the lovely pictures and dialogue about your trip. Each day I look forward to a new blog about what your doing! Makes my day when one arrives! Can’t wait for the next trip to England – I had so much fun reading along and enjoying all your wonderful posts and pictures. Thank you for sharing your life with us girlfriends!

  27. Sue G says:

    Lovely as always, your pictures and your words frame such a wonderful journey and I like many enjoy coming along. Thanks for the update of your trip. Wonderful travels to you and Joe, I will be waving from Wisconsin.

  28. Susie Evans says:

    Thank you so much for these posts/blog

  29. judy says:

    What fun to travel along with you and Joe!
    Praying Traveling Mercies for you…enjoy the beautiful Springtime!
    love and prayers, j.e.p.

  30. Donna Wilson says:

    Dear Susan

    Thank you for taking us with you! I just finished my SIGNED Martha’s Vinyard book. Oh, how I hated it to end! Loved it, even when it made me cry.
    Lots of love,
    Donna Wilson xoxo

  31. Bonnie from Iowa says:

    Thank you Susan for all the pictures along the way! Love the flowers, towns, dogs, stone barns, girl/guy friends and books. Tried to read the titles and I just want to read every book there! The best part is always your beautiful art and sayings. I love that I can be a part of your book signings in my own home and can’t wait for your next trip across the pond later.
    Love to your kitties!

  32. Carol Sferra says:

    wow you are in my neck of the woods…..Ohio! While I was reading i was thinking of the rt 66 trip hubby and I took all the way to California. Such a wonderful experience. Enjoy evey moment of your trip. I am so enjoying your pictures……keep them coming!!!

  33. matty says:

    Oh, my! So much loveliness! The beautiful, smiling faces… the trees… puppies with wagging tails… dessert (drool)….. and that blue heart scarf you are wearing (swoon!)… Isn’t it a wonderful world we live in?? We love to drive the back roads. So much more beauty to see! Thanks for sharing! I love being in your suitcase and seeing the sights! Safe journey!

  34. Linda Who Still Says "Land" says:

    Land ! Your blog update makes this another red letter Saturday.

    You were wonderful in Plainville (Saturday, April 30th) to take the time to talk, photos and sign your book trilogy with the decorated covers you inspired me to make.

    Today brought your updated blog to enjoy over a cup of tea, a package of SpoonFlower fabrics in the mail, and a doorbell ring announcing a Mother’s Day flower delivery.

    Thanks for keeping everyone up to date with the best of adventures on the book tour.

  35. Rose Utterback says:

    Looks exciting. You visited Hudson where my bro. and sister-in-law live. It’s such a cute town. Can’t wait to see you in Danville, CA!!

  36. Melissa Houston says:

    I’m so glad your book tour is going so well. Love seeing all the beautiful pictures of fans and spring across the country! Thanks for keeping us up to date on the goings on. I’m so glad to have “Martha’s Vineyard Isle of Dreams,” but I’m holding off until summer to read it. I’m a teacher and I can’t really read anything I care about during the school year because I fall asleep before I finish the first sentence! Anyway, safe travels, Susan and Joe, and best wishes on this journey of yours. Thanks so much for sharing it with us – you’ve made an avid journal keeper of me! As a teacher, I’ve got lots of stories!

  37. CarolK (NJ) says:

    I’m smiling from ear to ear at all the smiling faces and fun you and Joe are having. I just realized there is a wind-up key on the back of that car. First time around I didn’t get what the rubber band comment was about. This has got to be a Daah! Day for me. Will be following along on your map as the two of you roll & blog across the USA. Jersey Hugs…….

  38. Denise says:

    Words of love indeed! “If you love her you must send her somewhere where she’s never been before.”

    Loved the beautiful photos of spring. Once again we get to travel with Susan. Thanks for it all.

  39. Ann Woleben says:

    I have been waiting for your first post “from the road.” What a wonderful experience for you, Joe and your book fans! Beautiful people and scenery all along the way. Thank you for posting the quaint old homes and the flowers and trees. Spring in all her glory. Thinking about Hienen’s grocery store in Ohio – too many miles from Suffolk, VA for a day trip. Yum! Looking forward to your next post – safe travels~

  40. Sandy Schmidt says:

    Have a wonderful Spring tour Susan and Joe!!!

  41. judi says:

    Oh, so good to hear from you. Soooo, you took the kitchen sink after all😉 Loved seeing the pictures of the towns, houses, bookstores and … Girlfriends (Hi, Georgie!). Lucky ducks! Since you are not coming near my peninsula I have your schedule written out and I check the weather report for your day. Hopping a ride with you is prob my vacation for the summer so I really appreciate your pictures/posts. Happy trails. Xoxo judi

  42. I love all your puctures and your blog. You are so inspirational to me.
    Thank you again.

  43. Willa Brown says:

    I’m so happy to be invited to go along with the two of you! We’ve had a wonderful trip so far. On to the next stop!! XO

  44. Katherine Schaffer says:

    OMG Susan — I’m sure it must be to help celebrate the start if your tour but wanted to be sure other FOSB know that Spoonflower is having a SALE all Mother’s Day weekend. 15% off (or 20% if you are a member). I think I see more scarves and quilts and dresses and curtains and…….. in the future!

  45. Debby Rickett , Bakersfield, CA says:

    Thank you so much Susan for the up to date blog on the book signing! The pictures are wonderful….everyone is so happy! I simply cannot wait until Morrow Bay when I get to be one of those smiling faces in the crowd. As always, your photos make me feel as though I am sitting in the van right along with you and Joe 🙂
    Safe travels!

  46. SusanA says:

    Hi, Susan! It was so great to hear your talk today at Joseph Beth in Cincinnati! I and a group of other kindred spirits (who did not have tickets) chatted while we waited for the line to wind down, but after two hours with no sign of that happening, I had to leave. My disappointment was heartfelt. Lucky you, though–your books must be selling as quickly as they hit the shelves! And I did come home with a wisteria seed. Thanks, Joe! I wish you safe travels on the rest of your journey and look forward to reading about your progress here. Thank you for showing all of us “how to do it.” 🙂

  47. Brenda Wilkinson says:

    Hello Susan,

    I am reading ‘Martha’s Vineyard slowly to prolong the enjoyment. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent and sharing it through your amazing books. If ever you and Joe come to New Zealand we would love to show you our country.

    Best wishes

    Brenda Wilkinson

  48. Jeannette from the Central Coast says:

    Love seeing the photos of Middle America AND our girlfriends across this beautiful land!!! Thank you for taking all these pictures and sharing them with us! Three weeks to Morro Bay – can’t wait!

  49. Jackie McMahan says:

    I love seeing a sneak peek of your travels! So much spring beauty everywhere! What book are you reading while you are on the exercise bike? Tell, tell! I love your recommendations — we are almost finished with Season 2 of Turn — everyone in my family loves it. 🙂

  50. Elaine in Toronto says:

    Susan, I think you’re a bit of a Pied Piper – all those happy, smiling people. You do know you have a rare gift of bringing out the best in people. Safe travels to you and Joe. Hugs.

  51. Pom Pom says:

    Hi Sue! Oh, it is SO fun to see all those people and their cute smiles! I’m so glad you are on your way to Denver! Yahoo!
    I have been rereading Isle of Dreams. Every page is so lovely, so beautiful. Thank you for making and writing such a hearty book that is a forever keeper (along with the others in the threesome and ALL your books!)
    Safe travels, sweet one.

  52. Kathiellen says:

    I LOVE all of the pictures that you posted on your blog, and also the MUSICA! As soon as I listened to it I had to go on line and find an Al Bowlly CD!!! I LOVE that kind of music and listen to it every day ❤️ How did I miss THAT one? I will anxiously be waiting for that CD! I am happy that you and Joe are having such an enjoyable time on your book signing journey!! I am so sorry that I couldn’t drive to Cincinnati to meet you! Hopefully on your NEXT book signing tour, you will be visiting the Terre Haute, Indiana area ❤️ Thank you for posting all of the pictures and descriptions….they made me feel like I was actually there! Have a safe and happy journey!!

  53. Barb from Ohio says:

    I had a wonderful time Thursday night meeting you again and talking with the girlfriends in line. The time went so fast! Everyone was so friendly and you were very gracious and sweet to talk to. Hope we didn’t wear you out too much, there were a lot of girlfriends there. Love seeing your pictures as you travel along from bookstore to bookstore, spring is such a pretty time and you’ll get to experience it state to state as you move across the country. Thanks for keeping us updated, hope you have safe travels and fair skies!

    • Barb from Ohio says:

      Just noticed there’s two Barb from Ohio’s and both of us were in Hudson! What a coincidence! Maybe I’ll add last initial U when I post on here from now on.

  54. Debbie Sowards says:

    I loved seeing you in Cincinnati this afternoon. I love your books and your visit was the sweetest! Blessings to you and Joe and safe travels! XO

  55. Rhonda D. says:

    Looks like you are having such a wonderful trip. Only wish I could attend one of your book signings. Spent more time perusing Isle of Dreams with my Mom again today. She has now asked me to purchase a copy for herself and one for a friend of hers. I think that’s awesome. I know she really likes the book and it will be so much fun to be able to share it with her. She is also a seamstress and I showed her your fabric on Spoonflower too. So exciting!

    Girlfriends, please pray for the residents of Fort McMurray, Alberta that have been evacuated because of wildfires that are seriously out of control. This fire is massive and growing rapidly. They need rain and our prayers. A very, very bad situation that will affect a whole lot more of us in the U.S. and other parts of Canada if it doesn’t get under control.

    • sbranch says:

      Oh, we’ve been hearing about it on the radio in the car. Terrible! Prayers . . . and also, love to your mom. xoxoxo

  56. Barb from Ohio says:

    Susan, my sister from Phoenix called this afternoon and said, “Oh, my gosh, you’re in Susan’s blog!” And yes, I looked and the picture of my husband and me standing in line at The Learned Owl was there. Thank you, Susan and Joe, that made our year! Steve and I had a wonderful time- everyone there was so friendly- not one frown in sight. Joe, you were so gracious and friendly with us all- Susan does have a gem for a husband! And, Susan- oh my- you are a wonder with your followers- so willing to chat and be patient and kind with us all. It was quite a night. And from your blog I realized your books are printed at R.R. Donnelley. I was an educator for 33 years in the town right beside Willard- I know it well. So, Susan, thanks again for your marvelous talent, willingness to share your life, and your always, always sunny outlook on life- it is very much appreciated.
    Barb and Steve

  57. Kat Fry on Rose Creek Farm says:

    Be still my Heart! This is like tagging along with the 2 of you! Such a gorgeous time of year too. When y’all get to Austin I know y’all will fall in love with Central Market! It’s an amazing place to get groceries. The closest one to us is in Dallas & one in Ft Worth. Whenever we go there, the minute we step in the door we relax! There are several in Austin & we hit those up when we’re down that way. Great place to have lunch too.
    Loved seeing all the happy faces of fellow F.O.S.Bs & their Hubbies as they got to meet you.! My Hubs will be sure to say hi…or Howdy really to Joe.
    Continued Safe Travels & oodles & caboodles of Fun!

  58. Judy Peters says:

    Are you coming to our independent book store in Scottsdale AZ, The Poisoned Pen?
    Would love to see you again. I saw you in Arroyo Grande CA.
    Have a great trip,

    • sbranch says:

      In Arizona, I’ll only be in Prescott this time . . . hope you can drive up … there’s going to be an amazing tea party there.

  59. Patsy says:

    Since I wasn’t ready for Isle of Dreams to end, I had to read it again. Many accolades and much appreciation for sharing so much of your life with all of us. You’ve earned and certainly deserve the goodness you have now.
    Hopefully you’ll see my friend, Katie in Pasadena, who’s making a return trip for this book talk.

  60. Margaret Harke says:

    Still reading your book just as slowly as I can so it will last! I read a few pages each night just before I go to sleep. Gives me such sweet dreams.
    what book were you reading on the exercise bike?

    • sbranch says:

      Somehow I’ve been reading something like the first 6 pages of about 6 different books I have here with me . . . the newest one is an old one that I think I will keep reading called I Capture the Castle .. . I’ve seen the movie many times, it’s written in first person, almost like a diary. xoxo

      • Great choice. Wonderful story!

      • Rebecca from Riverbank says:

        Gosh, isn’t that movie wonderful? SO inspirational about being true to yourself & your own dreams, no matter what other people would rather you do… just like you, Susan! I hope the book is just as magical – as they usually are – let us know!

      • Rosanne Murphy (Oregon) says:

        That is a darling book! I’ve never seen the movie, so will have to find it. Love all the beautiful, shining girlfriend faces! Happy Mother’s Day to all, and good travels to you and Joe.

      • Pat Mofjeld says:

        OMG–I didn’t know it had ever been made into a movie!!! Will call the library and see if they can get it. That is one of my all-time favorite books, too! Hope they can get it–a little respite from “moving madness”… 🙂

        • sbranch says:

          Love the book so far, and loved the movie too. Yes, almost time for you to get to change the subject . . . like us, out here driving around — BIG subject change! Loving it.

  61. Linda... Gardnerville, Nevada says:

    Such a fun adventure as you cross the country and share your books & words with many of the girlfriends! Keep us updated as you zig-zag your way around our beautiful country. Love to read what comes up next. Love & hugs, L

  62. Bonnie says:

    Thanks, Susan, for the kind words about my neck of the woods – Ohio – in particular Willard, which is not far from where I live. In fact my friend Carol’s daughter works at RR Donnelley! I was surprised to learn that your “baby” was being printed there (and proud!). So glad always when something can be “Made In America”. I’m looking forward to getting a copy hot off the presses of your revised and expanded Heart of the Home. Best wishes as you continue yourjourney across the country.

  63. Nancy says:

    What fun you two are having! Be safe and enjoy!

  64. Donna says:

    It was lovely meeting you today at the book signing at Joseph Beth and hope your brief stay in Cincinnati is a pleasant one. You brought the sun ! Yea

  65. Maureen says:

    So looking forward to this Tuesday as you will be in Wilmette, Ill. I am attending and am fortunate to be going with my mother and a friend of ours.

  66. Leslie Scutellaro aka Mrs. S. says:

    Dearest Susan, I felt myself smiling back at all the smiling girlfriends, mothers and daughters, sisters, husbands and wives. I always enjoy the time spent with you, at home or on the road. There must be some axiom about joy shared being multiplied…Happy trails!

  67. Liz P. says:

    So many cheery faces – girlfriends all – you must be loving your road trip. Blessings to you and Joe!

  68. Barbara says:

    What a lovely trip. So happy that you and Joe are “stopping to smell the flowers” of life.
    Thanks for taking us along! ❤️❤️

  69. Stephanie T says:

    Hi Susan–From one San Fernando Valley girl to another, I’m so happy for you and Joe and this wonderful adventure you’re on. Thanks for sharing so much with you readers and fans.

  70. DeLynn Midcalf says:

    Feel like I’m in the van with you and at your signing events. Thanks for the great update. Continued prayers for you and Joe on your trip and continued success on your tour.

  71. Beth L says:

    Love seeing the faces of the hearts we share on this Blog!
    And thanks, Susan, for including us on this wonderful trip…
    …I love seeing our BEAUTIFUL country!
    Enjoy every second of it!

  72. Suzen says:

    You warm my heart!!!! God has surely blessed you!!!

  73. Pamela says:

    Your wonderful, fun letters sure do make for a lovely and wonderful day! Thank you so much Susan! 🤗

  74. chris consentino says:

    oh, dear Susan!! wow. what a real, heart-helping surprise to welcome your gift of a visit!! almost as good as having a REAL visit….ALMOST!!!! you are kind of needed right now. but….to say the least….your welcome-committee of 3 Goldens….NOT 1, not 2…..BUT…3!!!!! oh, my goodness. and….funny, but it seems to me that “their” home kind of looks like yours!!!!! am I right???? how funny & sweet. and, I must say…having had a Golden many yrs ago…..i’d have doggy-napped ALL of them!!!!! wow. well, continue on, dear heart!!!! stay safe and keep well and enjoy!!!!! you are a blessing to all of us!!!! Happy Mother’s Day to your mom, and to all. much hugs & love. xoxo

  75. Pam in Florida says:

    Loved, loved, loved this post for all the obvious reasons – it was pure Susan – so happy to be wherever you are and so happy to be with those around you. Loved seeing all the happy faces, like a family reunion!

  76. Barb in MI says:

    So happy to see photos of your book tour! Glad you are enjoying springtime along the way. It must be amazing to see the faces of so many of your readers and know that you have touched so many lives. What a network of girlfriends you have created! Looking forward to seeing you in Asheville next month!

  77. PJ says:

    Hi Susan,

    Thank you for your photos and trip documentation. I know you just started out but it’s fun to see streets and roads you are driving on. We just got back from a road trip to Oregon so I can relate to your “window photos”. Oregon is gorgeous green! Can’t wait until you get farther west.
    xoxo Pam

  78. Claudia Cole says:

    So wonderful to see you and Joe enjoying your road trip. I have been reading “Martha’s Vineyard”. I am at the part where you had the airplane trouble and decided to take the train from CA back to the Island. I would love to take the train and enjoy the scenery on the way back to Long Island some time. Planes, smanes! Who needs them!

    Happy Mother’s Day to you. Pets are our children, too. I couldn’t do without them. Kitties or pups, they need us as much as we need them!

    Love your van. Are you getting a lot of honking? So funny. Be safe and see you on the 24th.

  79. Connie Erskine says:

    Can’t wait to see you at the Kings English.

  80. Marilyn S says:

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us! You are getting closer to Salt Lake and the King’s English. My daughter and I are coming to see you. It’s so fun to see pictures of all the girlfriends. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a Susan Branch party/convention and invite all the girlfriends?!?

  81. Erin S. says:

    Wish I could click “LIKE” for all your photos! Stay safe on the road, and I’m looking forward to seeing you in Woodstock, GA! 🙂

  82. Cindy Maulin says:

    hi Susan….beautiful blog!!!! I absolutely LOVE seeing the bookstores filled with Girlfriends (and Guyfriends)!!! our preferred mode of transportation has always been the car… I was blessed with parents who took us on many a road trip playing every car game known to mankind, singing every camp song ever written and stopping at any and all tourist attractions along the way…. Some of our best ( and probably worst) moments were had on road trips in the car….and I am grateful for every second of them. Luckily, my husband is a roadster too, so we take in as much as we can as we go. So I totally get stopping at the local grocery stores……. 🙂 Continued best wishes for fun safe travels… It is Saturday…. one more week until your visit…. eeeeeeeckkkk!!!!!!!! love, cindy ❤️

  83. Nancy says:

    When I lived in Novelty, Ohio, Hudson was my favorite town. Loved the independent book shop and the nice ladies who ran it. So glad to see it again, The Learned Owl. Smiles

  84. Pat Harmon says:

    Dear Susan,

    Happy Nurturer Day to you! Your beautiful work and lovely thoughts are food for my soul. God bless you and Joe on this trip. Pat in Indiana

  85. Hi Susan,
    So good to see you in New Hope, PA. I’m glad you were in PA to see all the beautiful dogwood in bloom. I know you didn’t have time to visit the Pearl Buck House in Perkasie this visit but hope you can come back soon for a tour.
    Enjoy your travels!

    • sbranch says:

      We wanted to, but had to get on the road, maybe next time Nancy!! Thank you for telling us about it!

  86. sharon maybaum says:

    Love to see the charming small towns & roads of America, thanks for sharing!

  87. Kimberly A. .....Simsbury CT. says:

    Oh My Gosh!!! We made it on your Blog!!! Thank you for being you and for making my daughter and I year, day, life!!!!! Happy Mother’s Day You are a gift to so many! Thank you and your lovely Husband! Safe travels!

  88. Judy says:

    This is such fun to see. I was at The Learned Owl in Hudson and had a great time talking to a group of ladies from Pittsburgh as we waited in line to meet you. Thanks for coming to visit us! Have a safe trip, and keep these posts coming!

  89. Gloria Nugent says:

    My heart is so full. I am still feeling grateful for all that transpired on Thursday in Hudson. First we saw your van arrive Later we saw Joe outside and the group of Girlfriends. I am so blessed to have this wonderful memory. Being the next to last visitor I just forget what I meant to say to you. I really wanted to be specific with my praise for your works. The best observation was the smiles…all GIANT on people’s faces as they left your side! It can only be compared to faces of a crowd at a wedding💕 enjoy the rest of the venues where happiness awaits

  90. Nancy Ballard says:

    I have enjoyed your books, calendars, cards, stickers & note pads for years! Now introducing them to my granddaughter Kylee, who is almost 10.

    Have you thought about a Susan Branch Coloring Book, now that adult coloring is in?

  91. Jane Culler says:

    My husband and I drove from Lexington, Kentucky to see you in Cincinnati today. What a thrill! I enjoyed your book discussion and was so happy to meet you and have you sign my books. You were so gracious to take time to speak to each of us. Wishing you and Joe safe travels for the remainder of your tour. We have a Joseph-Beth Bookseller in Lexington, too. Maybe you can visit us in beautiful bluegrass horse country sometime 🙂

  92. Hope says:

    Hope the two of you have a marvellous time….guess what I found at the thrift store today? A lamb cake pan and I thought of you. My daughter laughed. But it came home with me waiting for next Easter!

  93. Grand Pam says:

    How marvelous! So enjoyed this part f your tour. Happy trails to you and Joe.

  94. Linnie Nolan says:

    Oh MY!! Just look at all the CUTE, LOVELY BEAUTIFUL GIRLFRIENDS!!!
    HOW FUN!!!
    You just bring out the smiles and joy Susan!! And Joe is a dear sweetheart!!
    (( I can’t wait to join in July for the Beatrix B-day gathering!! And I am just going to have wear a Vintage Laura Ashley dress)) 🙂
    Keep safe and enjoy the sweet adventure!!
    Warmth, joy and many blessings!! 🙂 Linnie

  95. Terry Jansen says:

    Keep your energy levels up Susan! I’m absolutely loving your book..reading a few pages each night before sleep. Thankyou for being who you are and making us feel we also can just be ‘ourselves’! x

  96. Carol in KS says:

    Love the cross-country trip! Please keep the photos coming and travel safely!

  97. Anne Hegg says:

    I really enjoyed the mother /daughter photos!

  98. Hi Susan, the trip looks wonderful. I just received my copy of ‘Isle of Dreams’ and I can’t tell you how good I felt when I held the book for the first time. It was HEAVY – and that meant that it would take me longer to savor each page with my cuppa. It really made me happy. Enjoy whatever tomorrow brings, and safe travels to you and Joe. xxoo

  99. Gert~Iowa says:

    Oh Susan it looks like you are having an amazing time… And I know each and every one of your “girl (and guy) friends” are elated to see you!! Love the town of Willard! Who knew?? It has to be wonderful to see all the highways and byways! Hope you’re able to stop at one or two antique stores… Course I know your van is full of books…but… just saying, it would be fun! Tell your navigator “hello” from me. Praying for a safe trip for you two…

  100. Laura says:

    Have fun traveling the country. 🙂

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