Hi Everyone! Time for Witchcraft.The good kind! MUSICA

Love lighting candles in the fall, when it starts getting dark earlier . . . makes the rooms so cozy.

We’re deep in it now . . . Storms are now on most of our windows, I’ve remade the beds with comforters, no one wants to get up in the morning, we are too happy!

Did anyone try the donuts? I wasn’t surprised to learn how many parts of the country had never heard of Cider Donuts since we can’t get them here either, and we ARE New England and we HAVE farmstands!

I forgot to show you the bottom of the donut pans! Very festive . . . and now, it’s time for our drawing . . .

The winner of the two sizes of donut pans, the signed copy of Edible Magazine, and package of Christmas recipe cards is 

L I N D S A Y    S C H . . . . whose “little kids” will love the smell of cider donuts baking in the oven! Congratulations, Lindsay … I’ll email you and you can send me your address!

I wrote about my house for my Autumn Book. Some of you have read this story, but just in cases . . . As a young girl growing up in California, I never imagined I would someday live in an old Captain’s House on an island in New England, much too much of a dream come true, way too Louisa May Alcott, veering on the very edges of Abigail Adams . . . but that just goes to show you, life has a way of surprising us! 🍂🍂🍂

Look who came to visit! Lots of you know these two wonderful women ~ I’ve posted their pictures before, especially when we were in England together, but many of you talk to them when you call the Studio, or you’ve written to say how much you love the caring way they wrap packages they send from our web store. Kellee on the left, has been my right-hand person for twenty years (‼️), and Sheri, on the right, has been making our lives easier for the last ten years. Which means, if any of you have been trying to get hold of them for the last week, you now know why you couldn’t! They’re here!

We had the best time. It was Kellee’s second time on the island, and Sheri’s first. The weather was perfect the entire time, cool, crisp, sweater-weather, very different from the Central Coast of California where they live. We walked every single morning they were here, just like we did when we were in the Lake District for the picnic at Castle Cottage!

We have dear friends living in one of the old fishing shacks out on the water, Joe and I often stop and visit in the morning. This time we took the girls. Wanted to give them the whole wonderful experience!


Pretty as could be . . . wind through the grasses …

They loved our woods filled with magical floaty leaves . . .

Love it when our friends and family come visit and we get to take them on an “Island Tour!” We forget to go! In this pic we’re up-island, in the little fishing village of Menemsha, where Jaws was filmed.

They have some tough rules for their beach!

Very quiet this time of year. In summer it’s crazyland, crowded with summer people who come for the wonderful sunsets from the beach with rules.

Recognize this beautiful old graveyard, shining golden in the afternoon autumn sun?

Yes, we stopped by to say hello to Nancy Luce.

One of my favorite Island Heroes, Nancy Luce, the brave chicken lady. If you don’t know who she is, you’ll love her, click there and read about her.

Afterwards we walked grave-to-grave, reading out loud to each other, names and dates … I think we got back to about 1703, old names, old times, old memories, and all a mystery, except for Nancy.

At home, over breakfast, tea, and coffee, we plotted our business, what kind of calendar to do next year, what kind of new cups, new charms, cross-stitch and Christmas cards, surprises, and free things, my job, their jobs, the new book, and when, keeping up with everyone, making things work! We love this kind of creative talk! So much more fun to do it in person rather than over the phone!

Into the Fine Romance van we went every day, shotgun-person changing with each stop! On back roads overhung with red-and-green-leafed trees, lined with yellow and orange bushes, color shining in the sun.

Sheri’s in the front seat, I’m in the back, but I CAN’T get a picture of the whole lighthouse through that window! I need help!

Voila! Problem solved! Thank you Sheri!

On our way home . . . another beautiful day . . .

And next, a must-stop, the Field Gallery, with the famous dancing sculptures in the yard, many done by Tom Malley who is no longer with us . . .

So much joy and charm . . .

It’s catching!

Nearby, a road perfect for the curious mind . . . wonder where THAT goes . . . ? ? ?

Across the street from the sculptures is Alley’s General Store, a landmark since 1858!

Of course we had to take them to Little House Cafe for delicious strawberry shortcake! Which we ordered with ice cream AND chocolate sauce! And four spoons!

Back to meandering . . . we brake for nurseries!

We’ve been wanting to get some of these late-blooming daisies! They seem to be everywhere this year, except in our garden! Fixing that!

And then, a day in Edgartown . . . charming side streets lined with small and large cottages, and whaling-captain mansions with widow’s walks on roofs overlooking the harbor.

To the wide porch of the Harborview Hotel . . .

We’re laughing because this sign was just too perfect!

Did a little sunglass shopping. Joe made us laugh when he tried on these, so NOT him . . . but perfect for putting on lipstick!

Cute! For lunch at The Atlantic!

Yes, they are ALL wearing Joe’s shorts! Because this motley crew is going clamming!

Which they did and hit the mother lode of clams . . . very exciting for a first time! Beginner’s luck!

. . . they brought them home so Joe could make us his famous stuffed clams . . .

They are even better than they look, toasty, crisp on top, a wee bit of bacon, slightly spicy, chewy clams, lemon zest, delicious! They brought home the bacon!

And out to the garden I went to get the makings of our salad.

We haven’t had a freeze yet, so we’re still getting fresh leaves and herbs. And a few last roses too.

We ate lunch out every day, but cooked dinner at night, lit the candles and ate at the kitchen table. This night we had salad, lamb chops, broccoli, and spinach.

We went out back to kick up some leaves, while Joe was back there raking . . . see him?

Contemplating leaves as art . . . 

We turned around to see this! He’s getting to be more me than me!

But you know . . . time passes . . . 9:30 am on Saturday, Sheri went off to visit her son at college in New Jersey, and Kellee headed home . . . 

After kisses and hugs goodbye, onto the ferry boat they went . . .

With one last . . .

wave goodbye . . .

And home I went, to change clothes, gather goodies to go to Edgartown to speak at the Carnegie Library (which isn’t really a library now, it’s a charming museum, complete with very nice gift shop!).

Since last weekend was also the famous Edgartown Food and Wine Festival, Edgartown Books and the Martha’s Vineyard Trust, who hosted this signing, suggested I talk about my first cookbook. My baby. Fine with me!

And so I did. I read the parts in my books that made up, for me, the anatomy of my first book: from The Fairy Tale Girl I read the part where I discovered Julia Child and fell into the wonderful art of cooking. And, from Martha’s Vineyard, Isle of Dreams, the story of the dark and stormy night in my first little Holly Oak house in the woods when I started trying to figure out how to write a book. And from the same book, I read about my first scary visit to a publisher, getting lost in Boston ~ then later, leaving fifty pages of my unfinished Heart of the Home behind so they could decide if they liked it enough to publish it, standing on their porch looking over the Boston Common,🍂🍁🍂 leaves swirling around my feet, hands clutched to my chest, with eyes-to-sky 🙏, and one-word prayer, “please.” (Made myself cry with this one.) It was a lovely day, I answered questions, signed books, and visited with, as always, the nicest people in the world.📖

Ahhhhhh, yes, deep breath of autumn leaves and salty air . . .

And here we are, thirty years later, another luv-lee November on the doorstep . . .🎃

Girls are gone. Wrist feels a LOT better. Still exercising it every morning. And, there’s my Enchanted diary, fat with memories . . . Back to work I go . . .💖

Finding the right words, the right watercolors to convey the magic and try to take you there . . .🎨

Because if you can’t smell the wildflowers in the Lake District, taste the salty Irish Sea as we cross, or hear the patter of rain on ancient and historical gravestones, I’m just not doing my job!🖌

There are probably tiny cat hairs in every watercolor, but Jack is not charging me for them, they are free!

Dream world, winter is coming to the house of creativity. It’ll be just us . . . I will be boring, because this will be Groundhog Day, not a lot of change except maybe which movie plays in the background while I work ~ We are giving a nice big Christmas Party 🎄 this year, that will be fun! . . . and my heart will be very happy in my quiet world where I never feel alone, because I have YOU!💞

We still have Halloween coming . . . here are some ideas for Pumpkin faces . . . don’t forget to put cinnamon on the inside of the lids . . . smells so good with the candle burning. Watch Practical Magic while you do it! Lots of fun Halloween ideas in my Autumn Book!

Merry Halloween, Dear Ones. Rabbit-Rabbit on Friday. Make donuts! Kick leaves. Be safe. Show love.💘 XOXOXOXOXOXO


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  1. Mary says:

    Susan, l love your blog posts! Such pretty pictures of one of the most beautiful places on the East Coast! Your black and white checked skirt is the best!♥️

  2. Kim says:

    What a welcomed, fun surprise to find a new posting! I would’ve been happy to re-read any of the “old” postings, but felt like I’d found a sparkling treasure in stumbling on your newest entry today! Thank you for the warmth and sweetness ~ Happy Halloween to you!🕸🦇🍁🎃

  3. Elaine in Toronto says:

    What a lovely, long, welcoming post, Susan. Sounds like Kellee and Sheri had fun. You would hate to see them leave. I love the outfit you choose for Edgartown. It is so you, so charmimg. Joe’s leaf heart reminds me of the leaf houses we used to make as kids. Enjoy Halloween! Hugs, Elaine

  4. Susan K. says:

    Great blog as always, Susan !

  5. Sophie T says:

    Such a lovely tour of your beautiful island! And such wonderful company! I love how you always look at things on the bright side (especially when you say “luv-lee November”, which is certainly not the words I would pick to describe this month that I really don’t like! 🙂

    I have to tell you that I am reading your “Fairy Tale Girl” book… I just had to google about Julia Child as I didn’t know who she was… and I had to find her roasted chicken recipe… it’s all printed and ready to be used!

    I hope there will be a sequel to “A fine Romance”, as I will be done with your memories soon and will be wanting to read more! You truly are a story teller!

    • sbranch says:

      I’m working on a new book, another travel book much like A Fine Romance called “Enchanted” . . . thank you Sophie! There’s a movie you would love called Julie & Julia … Julia Child is played by Meryl Streep . . . it’s the story of her writing her first book, living in Paris, really wonderful and charming and filled with French music!

  6. Lori Metschan says:

    Love it all! Looking forward to Halloween! Xoxo!

  7. Mary Kopecky says:

    Always so upbeat and such fun things to try. Thanks for always putting a magical positive spin on each season. 🥰 ❣❣❣❣❣❣

    • sbranch says:

      It’s more like the seasons put a magical positive spin on ME! The perfect celebration of nature, a gift and a surprise, four times a year! And a miracle!

  8. Debby says:

    What a joy it was to read about your adventures!! Live is good there in your little corner of your world. Fall is arriving slow but sure here in Michigan. We had a beautiful day today with blue sky and lots of 🌞sunshine. We took a walk and I gathered up leaves to send to my pen pals who live in parts of the country where they don’t have the true joy of the changing of the seasons. Have been baking applesauce bread with apples fresh from the orchard. Have a fun 🎃Halloween, there is wet snow ❄ in our forecast!

    • sbranch says:

      Ohhh, snow already. I’ve noticed that happening around the country. I love the first snow. But REALLY love it to come on Christmas Eve!

  9. SharonSolloway says:

    Your entire post is a feast for my eyes! 🤗 👏Thank you, Susan. You are so dear! 💙🥰

  10. Donna says:

    Why do you always say rabbit rabbit?

    • sbranch says:

      Years ago I learned that if you say Rabbit-Rabbit first thing in the morning, on the first day of the month, it gives good luck for the month. Just a cute old British tradition.

  11. Allen Rasor Sr. says:

    Dearest Susan, Thank you sooo much for, taking such good care of my beautiful, sweet Kellee, all these years. You are in my thoughts, often. Maybe one day we, can meet in person.

    With all my gratitude, Allen Rasor Sr.

    • sbranch says:

      Ohhhh, Allen, I’m not sure if I take care of her, or she takes care of me. Such a sweet note! It’s been a wonderful relationship and continues to grow. I’d love to meet you when we’re next in California! xo

  12. Kathy Kuhl says:

    Love the pumpkin with the stars! Happy Halloween to you Susan!

  13. Gina from NY says:

    Happy Halloween Susan! 🎃👻🎃

  14. Nancy says:

    Wonderful post…..and visit. Love Joe’s shorts on all three and the sunglasses. A friend and I are in Pawhuska OK —-home of the Pioneer Woman. We are having a great time …..cute town….cold and drizzling. Stay cozy! Happy November!

  15. Mary Elizabeth Lawrence says:

    Lovely Blog,so many beautiful fall memories. Have a great Halloween. Mary Elizabeth Lawrence in Beautiful Virginia

  16. Patty in Redlands says:

    Aaah, let me count the things I loved from this, Susan. First, YOU in your buffalo checked skirt all ready to present your books and life at the Carnegie Library. Then I loved touring the island along with Kellee and Sheri, seeing the golden sunlight, admiring the fall colors, and rereading about your historic home. And then there’s the sunglasses model Joe and his leaf heart! All lovely! Thanks for sharing! 🎃🧡🍁
    Happy Halloween!

  17. Karen Baron says:

    Have a beautiful Halloween!! I loved your black and white buffalo print skirt!! Cute as ever newsletter!! So glad to see the California studio gals I have spoken to many times!! Great problem solvers!!❤️🌻🌹 Pray for California so many fires!! 🔥🙏🏻

    • sbranch says:

      I think of my California friends everyday, praying this will end soon. It’s a double whammy with the fires AND PGE turning off the electricity. I can’t believe how high the winds have been! I always loved Santa Ana’s when I lived there, warm, gusty winds, but this is something else. Stay safe. xoxoxo

  18. Beth Wilson says:

    You have lost weight and it shows! Congrats! It keeps finding me but you are an inspiration!

  19. Brenda says:

    It’s the best when friends visit. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Jeannette from the Central Coast says:

    I just did a quick run through of this post and tomorrow I will sit with a cuppa Pike’s Place and savor each section! Wonderful, delightful photos and the diary of your friend’s visit. Happy Autumn!

  21. Karen Howell Burton says:

    Love the black and white Buffalo plaid skirt! 😊

  22. Lorrie says:

    Such a lovely post, filled with the everyday happenings on your island that you shared with your friends from California. It’s good to savour the everyday joys!

  23. Margaret W says:

    I grew up in Templeton, CA in a house built by the railroad in the late about 1890. Our family purchased it in 1957 and my sister still lives there. It is a sturdy old house build with old wood redwood, which is not available today. The bath room is on the back porch!! You literally freeze your butt off in the winter if you need to go!! We have lots and lots of family memories in that house! In the days when I was in high school in Templeton, Halloween was rather wild!!! Fun memories growing up in a small town!

  24. Linda Quast says:

    Susan, I love this post. Made me feel like I was right there on the island with you. A visit to the island is on my bucket list.

    Happy autumn!

  25. kelly says:

    Thank you for sharing your days with us, showing us the beautiful side of life. All the simple things that can be so stunning and uplifting. I so appreciate you!!

  26. Sandra says:

    Such a wonderful time of the year with time to read and write and crochet gifts!
    I’m lighting candles too and making soups. The snugness of winter is well on its way!

  27. Grand Pam says:

    So wonderful. I just love this post and getting to see the girls enjoying your home and area. Thank you for sharing. Love to you and Joe!💕

  28. Nicoline says:

    Hi Susan,
    Happy (almost) Halloween!! What a LOVELY surprise, to see another post! And thank you for taking us along on your days out with the girls!! The Island looks gorgeous, with the blue sky and sunny days! I think we’re having the same kind of weather, at least for the next few days, so that’s a bonus! Makes you want to go outdoors for a walk, or do some gardening! I’m off to our local market to see if they have a winter pansy/violet for an empty container. If not, I might get look for those nice white daisies, like you got!
    BTW the sunglasses don’t look too bad on Joe!!
    Have a lovely day, sending you sunny hugs from

    • sbranch says:

      Ha Ha … and was just looking at pics of our Castle Cottage Picnic, you with Kellee and Sheri! Will your Pansies grow outside in winter?? xoxo

      • Nicoline says:

        Oh, that picnic….What a truly wonderful day that was!! Lots of great memories! And how nice that we got to meet and talk to Kellee and Sheri too!
        We’re still keeping fingers crossed you’ll come again…
        There are certain pansies called winter pansies….They are sold at this time of year, and look just like the summer ones, in all different colors. They will grow now, and if the winter is really cold, they will sort of shrink away a little, coming “back to life” in spring, so I got some in a bluey color this morning.
        You were PLOTTING with the girls, talking about calendars etc, and I was just wondering, have you ever thought about making cake plates? Not a great big plate, but a sort of side dish, that would be big enough for a slice of cake, or a few cookies, maybe a sandwich….something like 6 to 8 inch diameter….And you could make them matching the pretty mugs….A border of tiny pumpkins perhaps, or mini lamby pies? Oh well, just a thought, and I know you have plenty to do, haha. So happy that your wrist is getting better!!
        Lots of XOXO from

        • sbranch says:

          What I wish is that the company that makes the cups made other wonderful china dishes. But they don’t! I could make dessert plates, but they wouldn’t be on that thin lovely china, and not sure I’d want something clunky . . . what do you think Nicoline? We’ll be back. Just have to get some things done first! 💞

          • Nicoline says:

            Well, I think ANY Susan B cake plate would be wonderful, thin or clunky…..I think they would look so cute with all the gorgeous mugs you have made. Maybe just put the question out there, see what the other girlfriends think…
            It’s a cold, dull and wet day here, but the house smells yummy, from the Gingerbread Cake I made this morning.
            I put the batter into mini bundt moulds, and l think they will look cute with a puddle of the lemon sauce and some whipped cream, all ready for the weekend!
            Happy November to you and Joe!

          • sbranch says:

            They’ll be adorable! Yummy too! I’m so spoiled with the elegance of the china cups, hard to admit a slightly grey (or sometimes yellowish) colored, heavy china, into the fold . . . but I’ll look and see what I can find. I need to be Emma Bridgewater and have my own china factory!

  29. Danielle says:

    Such a lovely post, thank you! Congratulations to the winner of the pans.I’m surprised more people don’t visit the island in the fall, it’s beautiful.

    • sbranch says:

      Years ago the Island basically closed down the day after Labor Day … it’s much busier than it used to be. But when the kids go back to school things really do change.

  30. Marley says:

    Take my Fall book out and put in on the coffee table every year and each morning when the house is quite, I get up, make myself .some pumpkin coffee, light a little candle and read it. Just Blissful 🍁Such Wonderful blessings from SB ❤ that keeps on giving year after year. Thank you Thank you Thank you

  31. Lynn Marie says:

    How nice to read the latest news with my breakfast this morning! As always, your always seeing things from the “bright side” has lifted my spirits this morning in the midst of chaos here. Lovely autumn weather here in northern IN–no freeze for us yet either but it is suppose to be here within the week. Enjoying the last of everything outside and planted garlic yesterday for the first time.

  32. Every blog takes me to a world of enchantment! I think I will try the carved star pumpkin today as time is short! Wonderful reading today.

  33. Peggy Willoughby says:

    Good morning, Susan. I saved your blog until breakfast so I can savor every word and picture because your blogs are excellent escapes from our political fray.
    It is wonderful to have Sheri and Kellee as friends and coworkers. So glad you all enjoyed MV and perfect weather.
    Congrats to the donut pan winner.
    Halloween in my neighborhood in this small town brings 300+ trick or treaters…can’t wait. So fun. 🎃
    I am glad all went well with your talk and book signing. I adore the flannel skirt. You always look so cozy. Cozy…yes, time to light the candles and early pajama time.
    Thanks for a wonderful blog. Love you.❤

  34. grace thorne says:

    so many new england memories in this post! in the past worked for doctors who had summer homes on MV and received luscious chilmark chocolates as an occasional gift! and i’ve been clamming too…love those bivalves…steamed but also in chowder, chopped and stuffed, over pasta! and the foliage….and especially the ocean, that i miss most of all…a dreamy post overall!

  35. Karen Holly says:

    There is something about autumn that cheers me every year. Thank you for this lovely post!

  36. Julie Marie says:

    Oooh Susan!… this is my favorite post yet!… although I do believe I say that about each one… what fun to have Sheri and Kellee there!… I follow Sheri on IG and her beautiful farmstand… and I’ve chatted with both Kellee and Sheri when I order from your lovely shop… aah… Autumn in New England… so very beautiful and you described it so I feel as if I’m there with you… I’m savoring every golden moment, although we have some snow here today… Happy Halloween to you, Joe and Jack… oh!… and to Casper!… xoxo Julie Marie

  37. Regina Carretta says:

    After spending yesterday with dear old friends, and new friends who just returned from Ireland….over a lovely brunch, under the autumn red leaves….laughing and chattering and eating, with people that are not replaceable…our friends, who are just precious…..the season, vibrant colors, crisp air…our critters, who share our homes, who we say we rescue, but they rescue us….thank you for sharing your visit with your friends to the island….thank you for the colors, the wisdom words, the joy of your home….continue to have a glorious autumn….we love you

  38. Rita V says:

    Your website is a dream that we all fall into… thank you for putting so much beauty and stillness into the world.

  39. Barbara Irvine says:

    What a lovely time of year for Kellee and Sheri to visit the Vineyard! Autumn is such a magic time, and it’s so wonderful to have warm days, bright blue skies and brilliant foliage colors. So nice of Joe to rake a heart in the leaves, and so nice to see sweet Jack all curled up on your work table. Can’t wait for the new book, and I’m so glad your wrist is better so you can work again. Happy Halloween to all !!

    • sbranch says:

      I was praying they would get good color and good weather, and my prayers came true! Wanted them to really feel it! Was perfect!

  40. Pamela Torchia says:

    I absolutely love your light house picture of the light house picture! Cameras are amazing, truly capturing the best moments of our lives.

    • sbranch says:

      They are AMAZING. I take issue with many of the inventions over the last years, but by far, hands down, the very best one of the last 100 years (except for medicine) is the camera. Brings families together, keeps memories forever. Dream come true. Imagine New Years Eve 1800. No camera. Very sad. Crossing country in covered wagon and no pics! Sad!

  41. Pamela Torchia says:

    Ps: Seriously, no Apple cider donuts on the island? Sounds like a great adventure for someone to take a bite out of that big apple. 🍎 🍏🍎

    • sbranch says:

      I was thinking that for LOTS of our girlfriends, a serious lack of cider donuts in the world! Sheri, who works for me, has a small farmstand in California, and she’ll be adding cider donuts to her repertoire!

  42. Betsy says:

    Congrats Lindsay! If we were neighbors I’d be over for hot tea and donuts! I’m always happy to see how you celebrate the Christmas holidays and the best is when you’re in your home. Here’s to heartwarming pictures of celebrations and recipe hints too. xoxoxo

  43. Pat Wyrick says:

    What a wonderful surprise to wake to your delightful new post!!! You have such a unique spin on life & sharing it, as you do, is a special gift for us all. Your area in the fall is spectacular – colors so vibrant. Loved the pumpkins & Joe’s sunglasses Enjoy your fall & Halloween. Thank you.

    • sbranch says:

      Isn’t it funny . . . we all have our own unique take on things, and I doubt if any of us knows it! Just so happy to see you here Pat! 💖

  44. Janice Micsenyi says:

    Hi! Did not receive latest blog via email, just happened to see this by chance on Twitter. Maybe arriving today!? Have been receiving for several years.

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, If I don’t get a blog done before 3:30 pm my time, it won’t be emailed until 3:30 the NEXT day. Looney thing! You should get it in about an hour! 😘

  45. Julie Marie says:

    Hi Susan!… I left a comment earlier but then it said Error so I’m not sure it went?… this is my most favoritist (yes that’s got to be a word!) post ever but I believe I say that about each one… autumn on Martha’s Vineyard is so beautiful!… and the way you describe it is lovely!… I feel like I’m right there… love Kellee and Sheri… they have both helped me with my orders and been so kind and sweet!… how fun they got to visit you and Joe and Jack… love love how Joe is always such a good sport and those clam digging outfits were great!… and those stuffed clams!… sigh… congratulations to your giveaway winner!… lucky lady!… loved seeing your walks each day too… and well… as always I love everything and all of you!… Happy Halloween, xoxo Julie Marie

  46. Sherri says:

    We lived up East for a short while. I do miss the beautiful autumns and the crisp sweater weather. Definitely not something we have in Texas! I love your post–made me feel warm, cozy, and reflective! Thank you.

    • sbranch says:

      Happy to bring a little Fall to you in Texas! Only fair since y’all share your bluebonnets with us! xoxo

  47. Lynda Van Wyk says:

    Thank you for bringing me along on your adventures, your pocket is so cozy!

  48. charlotte m. says:

    Oh, Susan, the picture of Joe’s leaf heart just made me melt. What a sweet and wonderful man he is. But you know this. I do love seeing all your pictures of fall. I miss fall, as we now live in southern California. The fires up north are awful this year. Finally cooler down her, so feels more like fall.

  49. JuDee Adkins says:

    Love reading your posts and books. I have them all. They are the best when I want to cuddle up and just feel good. Happy Halloween. JuDee

  50. Julie says:

    Hi Susan – I really enjoyed seeing you last Saturday at the Carnegie, and hearing you read from your books. It was especially fun to see you on the Vineyard! You always inspire me to be creative, and to find ways to push on when life gets crazy. Have a great week… Happy Halloween!


  51. jeanie m says:

    Susan, both you and Joe look marvelous. Love that skirt, and laugh whenever I see a pic of Joe with his glasses around his neck because it always reminds me of that “teabag” incident. Those Calif gals are beauties! Thanks for sharing your time together.

  52. Theresa Raffee says:

    Hi Susan:
    What another lovely post! Love your pictures of Martha’s Vineyard, I hope someday to visit there. I’m in firery California right now. No fires here in Southern California, but Northern California is really in trouble. It has become incredibly dry here, especially in the last 5 years. I long for cool weather and rain. We just don’t get it like we use to. My husband and I talk of moving away and going somewhere where there are seasons. Your blogs and books are an escape! I am anxiously awaiting your new book, I know it will be wonderful! Thank you Susan! Blessings to you and Joe!
    Theresa Raffee , Rancho Cucamonga, CA
    PS: I think you should write a children’s book someday!

    • sbranch says:

      I’ve thought of that . . . I do have a Children’s Christmas book for big people in mind! Stay safe Theresa, I’m so sorry for California, too much of this, too many people affected. Always fires there, but this is different!

      • Theresa Raffee says:

        I am an elementary School librarian here in California and lots of my teacher friends love your books, a children’s book would be a huge hit!! What is the E.T.A. on your new book?

    • Carrie says:

      Hi Theresa,
      I pray your area in Southern California stays fire-free.
      It is so scary seeing online all that is going on in California with the fires.
      I live in BC, Canada…and we get so much rain, all year-round and heavy, wet snow in the winters and getting even more so as the years go on.
      There is no climate warming here.
      We are all sun-deprived, seasonal depression is rampant.
      When I was a child, by early March, we were wearing shorts and playing outdoor tennis in the bright sunshine.
      Now, we get snow and below freezing temperatures straight through to May…our winters are getting longer.
      We keep saying we would like to move south, to warmer, more sunnier destinations, but where is a safe destination these days?!
      We have a popular saying here: You don’t burn here, you rust!
      Thinking of you.

  53. Mich Lueken says:

    Your blog as usual, absolutely made my day. I would love to visit yiur magical Martha’s Vineyard one day. Thank you for sharing your wonderful day to day with us !!

  54. Johanna W. says:

    Susan, I needed this so much today. Your pictures took me with you in your journey. Love it!

  55. Debbie Anderson says:

    Oh how you made my day with your new post. It’s cold and rainy out and just made a cup of tea to read about your life. So excited for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up.

  56. Cathy says:

    Congrats to the winner! I am an odd new Englander I do not like cider or Apple juice but I love apples and Apple sauce. I have your desk calender at work and my co worker said the best part of the New month is seeing a new month of artwork on your calender. I think Santa should bring her one of her own for next year.
    The visit looks wonderful I am sure they hated to leave. We have had a freeze in central N.H. so no garden goodies but I am going to try and get some garlic in the ground before it freezes.
    I love to tuck in I just wish the days were not so short and the nights so long. But we have a fireplace and Wood stove to keep us toasty on the cold nights.
    I enjoyjoy your blog so much thank you

  57. pat addison (cave junction, OR) says:

    Hello Susan, Hello to all the Girlfriends and Happy Halloween. congrats to the winner, never heard of cider doughnuts until I read about them in this blog… have to try them soon. been a busy week so far, we have the graves ready and the front porch decorated for our visitors.. and of course lots of candy and goodies for folks, pumpkin spice cookies and pumpkin bread with some warm apple cider for guests that come visiting. have tons of baking still to do, loaves of pumpkin bread and the pumpkin spice cookies. I also put aside 2 loaves of pumpkin bread for the mail carrier and the paper delivery and those go out tomorrow for them. been raking up some of the leaves, had a nice big pile of leaves all raked up when my neighbor decided to jump in them. I don’t mind that but I think he got a bit messed up when he forgot he had a big sucker and it was wet and his face was sticky… lesson from Linus… “never jump into a pile of leaves with a wet sucker.” he had leaves stuck on his face and in his beard and that sucker was all leaves… it was funny but messy. LOL:D !!!!! we are ready for Halloween, and enjoying a beautiful Autumn with all the colors, cold temperatures and chilly winds… perfect weather for soups, hot tea and hearty meals from the oven. we have the wood stove going to keep the house warm now and I love the scent of wood smoke on the air. next up is Thanksgiving and I have to look through Grandma’s recipe book for cranberry bread.. its a quick bread and I want to make some for Thanksgiving and for the mail carrier and paper delivery, they do get spoiled around here…. hehehe!!!!! 🙂 well off to check on the chickens, we had a hawk try to get them yesterday, I got the hawk with my air rifle, winged it. but they are nervous about being out in the yard so I need to check on them and get them to go out a bit, a few snacks will help with that problem. then to get busy baking and keeping the fire going today, its cold out there…BRR!!!!! have a great day today everyone, Happy Autumn and many Autumn blessings to you all, and Happy Halloween…. BOO!!!! Halloween hugs……. 😀

    • sbranch says:

      Hahaha, that will teach your sucker-bearing neighbor! 😱🤣 I love that chickens are so sweet they get nervous. 🎃

      • pat addison ( cave junction, OR) says:

        LOL!!! I think our 2 gremlins (kittens) decided to get in on the fun, we had 2 balloons from a birthday party that we brought home and one finally came down low enough for the kitties to swat at it and tug at the ribbon, well somehow they got it on the floor and pounced on it. KABOOM and there 2 kitties running from the room all bristled up with the rest of the cats looking around and bristle tailed… it was a sight. Happy Halloween everyone. 😀

  58. Sue from Simi says:

    Hi Sue,
    Love you – always a Red Letter Day when there is a new post from you!
    Sue from Simi

  59. Marcy M. says:

    Such a charming post! .It makes me so nostalgic for our wonderful trip to New England, driving across country in our van from CA. I was bowled over by the autumn colors and foliage AND my first taste of Apple Cider doughnuts, freshly made in the early morning at the Sugar Shack in Arlington, VT. Oh, my😱 I will never forget those doughnuts, eaten warm out of a paper sack. I am trying your cider doughnut recipe as soon as we get a real fall day and some foolish weather in CA😁🍁🍁 Thank you,?Susan!

  60. Love seeing all your fall decorations and colors! Sending sunshine from Southern California!

  61. Mary Ann in Mid-Missouri says:

    Not long after reading your last post, with the apple cider donuts, I was watching a Hallmark Christmas Movie, and there they were. I’d never heard of them until your post so was so excited to see them featured in a movie. Yay! As always, this post makes me so happy. As soon as I saw I had an e-mail announcing a new blog post, I dropped everything to come read it. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful creativity and love of “all things domestic” with all of us. You make my heart happy.

  62. Peggy says:

    How lovely! I hope to make it to Martha’s Vineyard sometime. Thank you for posting and giving us happiness in these dark days!

  63. Chris Miller says:

    Much gratitude to you, Susan for this uplifting and charming post. Your descriptions and photos always carry me away to a magical and loving place. Seeing your blog on my email feed gets me excited just knowing my heart will be warmed, my visual senses delighted and my soul will receive a spiritual hug!
    Much appreciation and love to you Susan!
    Chris …..in smokey and windy Northern California

    • sbranch says:

      Stay safe, Chris. Prayers flying across country for California on a constant never-ending basis. 🙏 xoxoxo

  64. Such a warm and cozy blog post! Makes me feel so peaceful and happy 🙂 Fun to see the ladies who work with you in central California and be along as they explore Martha’s Vineyard. What a nice, uplifting break in such a challenging world. Thank-you!

  65. Jan Ash says:

    What a lovely surprise to open up my email and have this wonderful post to take me to magical places. Pictures and word pictures, just the best!!!!
    Thank you for loving so much!

  66. Susan says:

    Another lovely post, Susan.
    It is freezing every night, here in Minnesota. Unbelievably, we still have
    green leaves on bushes and some of the trees!

  67. julia walker says:

    Dear Susan, Many thanks for sharing your friends’ visit. You and Joe both are looking very slim & healthy!! Good for you. Imagine being able to pick your own lettuces in late October! Seeing the Edgartown library reminds me of the Cuttyhunk library. The new one should be finished next Summer, so perhaps you can go over for a “reading/signing.” I’m so glad your wrist is better! Take gentle care. Lovingly, Julia

  68. Susan, this year I became housebound (for the most part) and that is a long, boring story, but i wanted you to know that I feel less lonely because of you! I used to live in Arroyo Grande so I feel that connection and I have LONGED to visit Martha’s Vineyard since I was in my twenties (now 68). One day I will go (I have a promise on that from hubby). In the meantime, I had just gotten out my Autumn Heart of the Home book when your email came in. Thank you for being you!

  69. Barb from Northeast Ohio says:

    Hi Susan, I love this new blog entry! Glad you got a visit with the Cali girls, I’m sure they enjoyed themselves. It is a beautiful time of year now, all the colored leaves, that crispness to the air instead of summer heat. Cozy fires, candles and good things baking in the kitchen! I don’t know where the time has gone but here we are at Halloween and setting the clocks back next Sunday already. Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner. I still need to plant some spring bulbs. Just a word of warning about those late blooming daisies. If they are Montauk daisies, they may get big and bush like. I bought two one summer, thinking they were like Shasta daisies but they were not. They get bigger and the tops do not die back completely. They will bloom late, but are a pretty flower. I need to cut mine back too as they got a bit saggy this summer. But they are hardy if that is what they are. Have a good Halloween and rest of the week. Have already watched Practical Magic (have to every year) so must move on to Hocus Pocus for the pumpkin carving time! Hugs!

  70. Tammy says:

    Ah, someday I hope to visit the island in the fall! Your photos and storytelling make it come alive! And I asked about your wedding photo in your last blog post, and yes, I did read about THAT wedding in your book, but I was actually thinking about your wedding to your dear Joe! You two are such a sweet pair!

  71. Laura Ann in Vermont says:

    Susan, you are doing your job–I can smell, taste, and hear everything!!

    Also, love your buffalo plaid black and white skirt.

  72. Candace Kautzer says:

    Perfect timing! It’s a damp, drizzly day here in New Jersey. I have chicken soup cooking on the stove, just made a pot of tea and what do I find when I go to check my emails? Your new blog! Thanks, Susan! 😘😻😁

  73. Donna Hardin says:

    Such a lovely post; you always make my day. Thank you for sharing. Still think fondly when we met you in person in Kansas City an also in Cedar Rapids, Iowa!

  74. Nancy Kilner says:

    Always feel good after reading your posts! Looking forward to your big sale on November 1st!

  75. Megan Z. says:

    I posted this on your last post but not sure if anyone saw it. MV Bakery (Back Door Donuts) sells apple cider donuts. I think only through the back door part, not in the main store. They’re the only ones I’ve seen on island.

    Have you been to the old cemetery in Edgartown? If you go towards Katama, it is on your left (possibly past Katama General Store). Someone told me it is the oldest on MV. Many of the gravestones reminded me of the ones in Boston. If you didn’t know it was there, you might never find it.

    Thank you for your MV pictures. I love seeing my home.

    • sbranch says:

      Good info. Yes, I found that luvlee graveyard some years ago. All of our graveyards are wonderful and old, don’t you think? I love them. I’m so happy to bring you back home!💖🎃🍁

  76. Ann Woleben says:

    You look absolutely wonderful! And I so enjoyed seeing the island pictures and the girls at this most beautiful time of the year. They certainly had a magical visit with you and Joe. I laughed out loud at their photo in Joe’s shorts. What fun! Just wondering if the girls and your studio are affected by the horrendous fires in California – so sad for so many there. Treats to you, Joe and Jack – no tricks!

    • sbranch says:

      So far, so good. No problems where we are. Hope it stays that way! And prayers for everyone under so much stress. xoxo

  77. Lillian Olmstead says:

    Dear Sue,
    Winds blow in a dark sky, and witches on switches go flying by. Happy Halloween.
    I love the blog.
    Lillian O.

  78. Becky Ross says:

    Love, love, love to read your latest October blog; just my favorite tine if year. Our trees are a blaze and I am off to my Grandson’s 16th birthday now to be the Fortune teller and be as silly as can be for a 73 year old…. you only live once, I think,
    Thank you for inspiring me, again, dear girl,
    Many hugs,
    Becky Ross

  79. Bobbi says:

    What timing, we just checked into our room on your island and saw your email come in. We’re now heading out to some exploring, soooo excited!

    • sbranch says:

      Raining and chilly, I hope the sun comes out for you. Go to The News in Edgartown. They have a fireplace you can sit in front of and have something to eat!👏

  80. Mary-Agnes from Long Island says:

    Luv-lee blog! My favorite season of the year. We usually try to get up to Vermont every October but couldn’t make it this year. Long Island has its share of great foliage, but nothing to compare with New England! I go crazy with Halloween decorating; almost as much as Christmas. I hope when you and Sheri and Kellee were sitting around the table making plans that there was a discussion about bringing back your annual Christmas ornament. I missed that so much last year! I have almost all of them and hang them on the curtain rod over my kitchen window. Enjoy the rest of beautiful autumn. It’s going by so fast!

  81. Nancy Marin says:

    I’m anxious to try putting cinnamon the pumpkin lid. Great idea!

  82. Pam Wilson says:

    Hi Susan! Those trick or treaters who come to your home and see your
    beautiful pumpkins and glowing lights are very lucky indeed! I LOVED Joe’s heart in the leaves, too–he is SO SUSAN BRANCH! How lovely to hear of the recent visit of your California assistants. You and Joe sure gave them a
    quintessential “Fall in New England” visit! Thanks for sharing all of your
    experiences with your many girlfriends.

  83. Michelle says:

    My dear uncle asked me today to plan a trip for him, my aunt and two others to Ireland, Scotland and the Lake District. I told him they would have to wait until Susan Branch’s new book comes out because I might miss including something really good. Do you think that will be 2020?

  84. Chris Myers says:

    Happy Hallowe’en dear Susan from me here in England to you in cozy USA…as always the most delightful post to enjoy while curled up here beside the fire enjoying my ginger tea..wish I could invite you in…always have the sweetest memories of the Castle Cottage picnic…thank you for them and so much more! Chris xox

    • sbranch says:

      Hi Chris! I just love that you brought that up, instant go back in time to that wonderful day of kindred spirits in the MOST amazing evocative place imaginable. Thank you! Hope all is well, would love a cup of ginger tea! 😘

  85. Hi, I just wanted to drop in and say, Girl, that eating plan is working! You look fabulous! Gives me incentive to keep trying to budge the very stubborn scale!

  86. Margaret says:

    I love your Autumn Book. I made the Iowa cornbread recipe for a neighborhood couple a few nights ago, and it was the only thing talked about at dinner! I loaned the book to the wife of the couple, so you may end up with a new “girlfriend.” Thank you, Susan, for sharing your happy genes that are so contagious and bringing out the fun and beauty of each season!

  87. Wendy from Alberta says:

    Another wonderful post Susan! Autumn is my favourite time of the year and you summed up a lot of my favourite things. I always bring your Autumn book out and reread it cover to cover every year at this time. I was happy to see a reader ask why you say Rabbit Rabbit because I did not know the story behind it either, but now I will remember to say it on the first day of every month. Martha’s Vineyard is on my list of places to visit so it was nice to get a preview of the island from you! Enjoy the season! 🍁🍂🎃👻

  88. Sue Mellado says:

    So good to hear from you❤️ I have been awol and have missed your notes.
    Susan you look positively fantastic!! And of course so does Joe.
    I think I am jealous 🥰
    Happy Fall and Happy Halloween 🎃
    Xo Sue

  89. Liz Lawton says:

    Thanks for giving me the gift of a relaxing read with nice music!

  90. Nancy Goldstein says:

    Susan today was the first time I have ever made the music work! So excited to hear Frank Sinatra as I read your blog! 🍂🍁🍂🍁

  91. Sharon Calvert says:

    Regarding Nancy Luce, I’m guessing you already are aware of this link: findagrave.com/memorial/5846519/nancy-luce …

    Sharon in Alabama

  92. Jana Jopson says:

    “Autumnal” … love that word! Autumnal blessings to you, Joe, and Jack!

  93. Linda Miller says:

    What a lovely Halloween blog! Susan, your home looks so cozy with the candles flickering in the house. It won’t be long before a warm fire is made in the fireplace. Autumn is such a season of thanksgiving! Thank you for the beautiful pictures of your area! Enjoy the beauty of the season.

  94. Wendy-Louise says:

    Dear Susan,
    What a lovely visit to your cozy part of this beautiful world. I so enjoy your description of Fall and your charming living. Life is so wonderful when you are in the place you are meant to live in. Have a wonderful holiday season and doing what you love to do. Hugs and smiles to you and Joe! XO Love, Wendy-Louise

  95. Gail says:

    I love your posts. I love seeing your house and island and to hear the stories that go with it. I enjoy your art work which makes everything special. Fall is my favorite season so it was wonderful going around your island with you, Joe and the girlfriends. Can’t wait for your next book to come out. I will read it and love it and then put it on the special shelf on my desk with the other ones. Thanks again for sharing all you do and enjoy with us!

  96. Susanne says:

    Reading your blogs just adds a touch of magic, beauty and goodness in life. It is the highlight of my day when I see your email and saviour all that I read. Thank you Susan for being an inspiration to me and to all those who enjoy your creations. I am glad that you took the chances you did when you first started. One really does not know the ripple effect that particular courageous moment created. Thank you!

    • sbranch says:

      No, and all the people along the way who never knew that what they did inspired who I became. I remember my landlord, going to pay my rent, and her setting the table for the most gorgeous dinner party, and me falling in love with setting the table, and going immediately to buy my first grown-up cookbook! I don’t even know her name, and yet … SO, we never know when it’s our turn to do some little thing that makes someone fall in love with life! xoxo Thank you back Susanne!

  97. Marge says:

    As ever, such a sweet glimpse into your wonderful world that you generously share with us. Thank you!

  98. sypoltcrystal@yahoo.com says:

    Hi Susan! Thank you for the beautiful blog post. You helped me to forget my pain for a few a little while. You are so inspiring. Love your black and white skirt. Matches Jack. Happy National Cat Day, Halloween, and November.

  99. Jan Martin says:

    Such a treat to get your blog today. So happy your wrist is healed & you are back to your magic! I’m recovering from knee surgery, been mostly home bound for a month…lots of PT (ouch!)….but so necessary, as you know. LOVE all your fall colors, being a former Midwest gal. Now a SoCal gal, it’s just not the same fall here. Have a spooktacular Halloween🧡 🍁🍂

  100. Carol Kennedy says:

    Thanks for another fantastic post. I just love all of the quotes and the photos of beautiful trees and places and things!! Speaking of the donuts, there’s a community outside of Elm Mott, Texas which is outside of Waco, Texas. It’s called Homestead Heritage and the have a Fall Festival every year the weekend after Thanksgiving. And one thing we always look forward to eating is their cider donuts!!! They look just like yours!! It’s just a great festival and you can escape and get in touch with the earth again!!

    Again, thanks for all you do to brighten people’s days and lighten their hearts. God Bless you and Joe and Jack (of course)!!

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