Hello my friends … First … deep breath, and a cup of something ~ go get it, I’ll wait. I’m no good without you anyway. I promise not say a thing of substance before you get back (and maybe never🤣, we shall see). Perhaps some fine olde MUSICA to send you on your way? MUSICAYou back? Okay, here we go . . . Ahhhhh, these bewitching late summer nights are what I live for. They are the thing that made me stay here forever. Doors and windows open, cool air blowing through, leaves beginning to drift, talking into the night accompanied by the songs of crickets, with bug buckets glowing . . . Know what a bug bucket is? It’s that ⬇️ … a big candle in a bucket that burns citronella to keep bugs away … we surround our chairs with them. 

Darkness falls streaking the sky in pink and lavender, bug buckets and twinkle lights lit . . . quiet voices in the night . . . making some summer souvenirs . . .💞

Stars shining bright above us🎵 . . . and for a while we forget the troubles of the world . . . and lose ourselves in the hearts, memories, and laughter of our friends . . .

You can’t solve all the world’s problems. Now go wash your hands and come to the table.  💖My Mom

So basically, that’s what we’ve been doing, coming to the table. Definitely a thing of substance, you can tell by the way the trees are leaning in to listen. We did it last night and we’re doing it tomorrow night. I feel like I’m trying to grab onto a speeding car! September being the car.🍂🍁🍂 

I’ve been wandering through my recipe books. We’re making Chili for tomorrow (p.78 in my Autumn book or right HERE), in fact it’s cooking on top of the stove right now. I’m sorry to all the other chili makers out there, but this recipe is the BEST in the world. Please give it a try. Deep, dark, and delicious. The other night we put fresh littleneck clams in our linguini, tossed a spoonful of pesto on the top of each dish … and served it with my dad’s delicious buttery garlic bread, so so so good, you can read about it HERE.

And of course my shadow hangs out in the kitchen while I’m cooking, he is always where I am. Next to me now, I reach to pet him, on your behalf, big round eyes look up ~ tiny mew! This is his birthday month! He’s almost ten! How can that BE? 

And this, because NOW is the time for juicy, sun-ripened garden tomatoes ~ pop them into a jar with basil, garlic, and olive oil, and then into the sun for a few hours. It’s one of my favorite summer recipes.

And corn? Have you had your allotted amount of fresh corn yet this summer? Now’s the time, those little kernels are popping off the cobs … and, do not forget this wonderful recipe for Corn Chowder … put it in a mug for a cool evening in the garden . . .

Joe’s homemade picnic tables turned out great … We had our first sit-down dinner for six since last winter! It’s been a dinner-drought during this DamPanic! And everyone was at least 6′ away!

So many memories under this arbor … not only ours, but for the people who lived here before us.

Especially the Bowditch family. Mr Bowditch built this arbor, Mrs. Bowditch named it the Teahouse of the August Moon . . . we love these people so much, I’ve told you before, they owned our house from 1949 to 1980 and left us so many gifts. Like their forever-foundation of rose arbors, creaky wooden floors, old trees, and a fireplace that can talk. They are gone but not forgotten.

“O’ thou who has given us so much, grant us one thing more, a grateful heart.” 💝 George Herbert

The other blessing of these summer nights . . . the beautiful moon we share with the whole world. But, this moon is not seeing the same thing everywhere it looks. As it drifts across America this year, it sees less and less twinkle lights and more and more hungry, isolated, and homeless people 💔, NOT enjoying linguini in Clam Sauce, wishing for a big bowl of corn chowder, longing for a breath of fresh air from a pure breeze over a clean moon, and no smoke, and no heat, no orange skies, and a peaceful end to this crazy year that Michelle, one of our girlfriends, described as “the new cuss word,” as in “I don’t give a 2020.” But we DO give a 2020, don’t we? I’m showing my gratitude, best I can, by donating an early Christmas present to Feed America and the Red Cross. And we can’t forget our darling animal friends who make our earth a brighter place to be. When humans are in trouble, animals are in more trouble. We can’t do everything, we can’t all be nurses or firefighters or teachers, or first responders, heroes all, but we can do something, don’t ever think a dollar doesn’t matter.💞 They need us, and we need them and . . .

So what else magic people . . . ?

This, me, painting for the (OMG) 2022 calendars. You know I did my first calendar in 1993? Almost 30 years of celebrating the days!  With a few time-offs for good behavior! But I love every moment of it. Writing out the words of distilled genius, painting these little letters . . .

Letters that go perfectly with now. So, dinner at the Teahouse of the August Moon requires tablecloths!  Which gives us this wonderful thing I wanted to share with you in case your dreamy fall-wind ration is wanting . . . here’s some of ours…


Laundry is the very best way to catch the wind . . . (Ah, but I may as well try . . .🎵)

First little leaves are floating out of the trees ~ this one got caught in a clothes pin!

Mmmmm, line-dried laundry . . . even folding it smells good.💓

For us lucky ones, these are lovely days of noticing the little things in life . . .💓

Good morning sunshine . . .☀️

What’s on the porch? Oooo, heavy … oh my!!! Could it be? Little heart flutter …

Yes! Home for Christmas has come in for a landing! The little baby is born. My first view of it. 💞 

Hello Baby! We think the rest of the books will arrive at the Studio tomorrow, or maybe Monday, but SOON… and then, off they go, to everyone who preordered, first come, first serve! 💝 With all my heart.💖

I should tell you, even though I do not like to say it, and I’m sure you do not want to hear it, but my precious mother went to heaven in April. I’m sorry. I’m one of those people who can’t talk about such things for a long time, it takes me a while to learn how to live with it if that’s even possible. But from the moment she went on hospice care, I began writing this Christmas story. I wrote all through late winter into spring. I was with her the entire time and she was with me. It was the perfect place to be. She’s the “Home” in Home for Christmas. I knew a lot of you had figured it out, and I was sure that when you read the new book you would ask, so I’m sharing it now, because in so many ways, you knew her too. She was in my right hand at the writing of every book, the hand connected to my heart that connected me to you. It’s her spirit of love you read on every page. Dearest person, mom of eight, wise beyond her years. She said the simplest things, like, “You know the difference between right and wrong.” And she convinced me I did!

Patricia Louise Smith Stewart, a girl after my own heart.

 I immediately sat down and read the first book out of the box and made myself cry. You know I’m okay. My mom WANTED to go to heaven. It was the right thing at the right time. Thanking you ahead for all your kind thoughts. You don’t have to say a thing. Because we both already know.💞And because I have it now, guess who gets the next three copies from my box of Home for Christmas? Oh yeah, YOU! Let’s draw the names of our winners!! Our random number generator, the famously wicked and charming Vanna, named for another talented Vanna, is ready for the pick! I say, You go girl! And she does! Down, down, down, deep into thousands of names she dives, scissor-kicking to the bottom, crinkled slips of paper like from a fortune cookie flying through the air, each one has a name, and here she comes … her green eyes are sparkling with success as she hands me the three bits of paper, and back down she goes, into the melee, on her next quest: to find the winners of the cups! SO, let me see, I’ll give you the names and a bit of identifying something from their comments, so there won’t be any mixups … the winners for the Books are, drum roll please . . .  

Katie Craig! She’s one of our heroes, a teacher working very hard to make things right for her kids during Covid!👏🎉

Number two, is Karen Giordano! She wrote that my Autumn Book is her Labor Day tradition!👏 🎊

And last but not least, Susan Karasievich ~ she appreciates fairy tales!👏🎈

Kindred spirits, all!💞 Congratulations! I will send you an email soon and you can send me your address and what name I should write in your books and off they will go!

And Next? Three cups . . . fingers crossed, Girlfriends, I hope you win one of them!

And here we go: For the Bluebird cup . . . 

The winner is …. Marie from Chester, Oh! our girlfriend in England! Hi Marie! Looks like you’re going to surprise your sister! xoxo 💝

Next is the Santa cup . . . are you ready Linda Beck? You better be! (Perfect because she has been “coveting” cups!)💓

And very last (except we’ll do it again someday)… the winner for the Little Things cup . . . Here we go! It’s Amy from Wisconsin ~ Yay Amy! (she moved back to Wisconsin in 1979 and she’s been happy ever since)!!!🎉

So happy for you all! 👏 

Here’s the full-page ad I did for the Nov-Dec issue of Yankee Magazine ~ it tells more about Home for Christmas … look for it and a smaller version in Victoria Magazine!

I hope I’m going to see some of you in my magic mirror on September 20th, at 3:30 pm EST, for Sunday Tea with me and Titcomb’s Bookshop. It’ll be on Zoom, so easy if you haven’t tried it yet (believe me I don’t know what I’m doing either, but let’s not let that stop us!), you can Google “Youtube, how to do Zoom” and they will show you how. It’s going to be another BYOTea, just like today, except with zoom-a-vision … Go HERE to sign up.

 So what else might I have in my bag of tricks? Oh yes, because I heard you when you asked . . . here they are, Holiday Cooking Greeting Cards! You’ll see I write about my mom’s famous Snippy Doodle in the new book, so I thought you might like the recipe! And of course, who doesn’t love Cranberry Marmalade! Something to share! 

Ten cards with envelopes, and each package comes with a candy cane bookmark! For Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or for any old reason, because the more connection to each other, the better!!💞

This is inside Cranberry Marmalade . . .

And here’s Snippy Doodle.And here’s the back for both of them! A kiss across continents! Christmas Cards are coming soon!

And another good thing happened, the 3rd printing of Martha’s Vineyard Isle of Dreams has finally arrived . . . in case you were looking for one… they are BACK! And FYI, just so you know, the new puzzle is right on schedule⏰ … they should be in at the end of October. Perfect timing!💓 And so, sweet people, off I go … Until next time . . .

If you can, 

Thank you for everything . . .💞 See you next time! I have an idea about the next post. Can’t wait!👏

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1,026 Responses to A THING of SUBSTANCE

  1. Debbie Boerger says:

    Hot Diggity Dog! The sun is so bright after a pretty rough morning. We had 56 mph wind gusts, lost power, but Tom Terrific cranked up the generator. Had some rain, apple butter is in the freezer. Next batch will be apple sauce, which he loves with his sandwiches.

    Thank you for the phone number to call and voice our opinion as an American. Also for the lovely ride around your neighborhood. Now, going up to soak away my worries in my big ole clawfoot. Tomorrow is our best buddy’s birthday. Going to drive down to Machias to peep at the leaves, if any are left. Then we’ll hit Helen’s Restaurant, famous for their pies.

    Stay strong and healthy.
    Mucho Love,
    Debbie in Maine

  2. Sheila Talley says:

    You are a joy and very uplifting! Thanks for being so approachable. Love my Christmas book.

  3. Dawn says:

    Oh, we never get over our moms going to heaven, but what wonderful memories!!! You are in our thoughts and prayers. xoxo

  4. Karen Kotowski says:

    I had a RED letter day today. SUSAN posted my red kitchen taken on her very FIRST zoom meeting in her October blog today. I am beyond thrilled! Love you Susan🎅🏻 ❤️🏠‼️

  5. Mary Vona says:

    Dear Susan,
    I loved seeing this quilt. My grandmother made hand appliquéd quilts. Fond memories.
    I had bought your Home For Christmas book. It reminded me of my childhood growing up with 6 brothers in the 50’s. One of my daughters was recently injured in an auto accident. She is recovering in a rehab hospital and I have her read this sweet little book to me as part of her
    therapy. Thanks for both the inspiration and the motivation.
    Happy Autumn!

  6. Patsy in Nixa, MO says:

    I had a Susan Branch breakfast today, and I’ll never buy applesauce again. I used your recipe from Heart of the Home (I have the original version) and made your potato pancakes (from the same book) with sausages and homemade applesauce. I did cheat and use Simply Potatoes instead of grating fresh. They’ve never been frozen, they don’t turn brown, and you don’t have to squeeze out the excess moisture. They’re in a green package, by the eggs at Walmart. I took a picture. Wish I could share it. I wanted to leave a comment to tell Joe what a great idea he had for the dampanic picnic table. You are so lucky to have that versatile guy. He can do anything – even drive on the left side of the road in England. And Jack – that adorable little black and white fur person. When I saw him trying to fit on the seat of the kitchen chair with his feet all drawn up, I said, “Awww…..” even though I was the only one in the room. His photo on the new post, looking out at the pumpkins, is a perfect Halloween shot. What a guy! Oh, and I made the corn muffins with cinnamon (same book), and think they’d be a perfect with the honey butter for Autumn afternoon tea in place of scones. Now what shall I cook next? Hmmmm……….

  7. Lori Montgomery says:

    Dear Susan,

    I am so sorry to hear about your lovely mother’s passing. What wonderful memories you and your siblings must have of your mother. She always sounds incredibly loving and fun when you talk about her. I’m so glad you had her for as long as you did. Blessings. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Brenda Hannon says:

    I just loved all your pictures of the sky – one of my favorite things to observe. They reminded me of what a privilege it is to wake up everyday, and live in this amazing world. Thank you for sharing your art, recipes and your goodness and kindness!

  9. Connie B. says:

    My dad passed away October, 2 years ago at 80 years old. It does not matter how old you are when they go it is still heart-breaking. I LOVE October even though it always seems that something goes awry in this month. My condolances on your Mom’s passing. Enjoy your Halloween 🎃.

  10. Margaret Longlet says:

    Thank you Susan for all you do to show love to the world… your art , your photos and most of all the sharing of yourself. Deep sympathy as you continue your grief journey in the loss of your Mom. She was obviously an extraordinary woman to have raised a daughter like you are.
    I Love the new Christmas book as it took me back to my childhood too and a time of innocence.
    Enjoy all October has to offer. The brilliant colors against a blue sky can’t help but lift our spirits!

  11. Susan Tompkins says:

    Gorgeous post. I need to take an hour just to enjoy and read closely all the way through! You are so inspirational to me. Quilt is so beautiful. Thanks for sending me here from your FB page or I would not have known!

  12. Susan Szymanoski says:

    Hello Susan!
    I enjoyed reading your news so much! You give us such beautiful pictures to admire. Believe it or not it is a rainy gloomy day here in Florida. You just brightened up my day!
    I would love to be the winner of your vintage Christmas book! I would gift it to my sister who is a retired school teacher and librarian.

    Love from another,

  13. Helen Cannon says:

    Your blog and posts always lift me and seem to come just when I need it most.

  14. Karen Peckham says:

    FRIENDS ARE THE FLOWERS IN THE GARDEN OF LIFE… I hope this comment reaches you in the beautiful giveaway. You’re a blessing. 🌻😍🌿🌼🌷🌺🌿😍🌸

  15. Kristen Heldman says:

    ❤️❤️❤️Love the quilt 🥰

  16. Claudia says:

    Lovely post. Lovely photos. I received my note cards. I do hope you create more. Enjoy these glorious fall days.

  17. Dianne Ables says:

    Such a cheerful quilt. It will be perfect to snuggle under when frost is on the windows! Happy October.

  18. KC says:

    Love your beautify work!

  19. Angela says:

    Thank you for spreading joy 🌞! I look forward to reading your blog and then being transported through your pictures to a place of peace and security ❤

  20. Gail says:

    Love your blogs. That quilt is beautiful. I ordered the puzzle. Can’t wait to get it.

  21. I’ve been looking for a new quilt for my bed. It would be such a gift if I won! I love Susan’s blog posts and a glimpse into her life! At the moment I’m reading English Countryside for the fourth time❤️

  22. Amy Wylie says:

    The moon rising and harvest moon – both make me feel so good. I have loved your work and Willards for so long.

  23. Jan Bonner says:

    Thank you for the lovely world you share with us every day. Your blog & books, photos & home bring joy and happiness to me and all the girlfriends. xo I read one of your books every night before I turn out the light and I dream the most peaceful happy dreams! Blessings to you all in this most wonderful time of the year!

  24. Olivia says:

    My first time reading your blog. What’s a lovely and delightful surprise! Your artwork brings whimsy to my heart 😊 The quilt is fabulous and would look beautiful in my country home

  25. Margaret M Jones says:

    Love all of your art and lots of stories as well. The quilt is beautiful.

  26. Carol Wilson says:

    Love your Christmas book! So sorry to hear of the loss of your Mom. Prayers for you family.

  27. Susanne Daly says:

    Always love reading the blog! Hope to win the quilt!!

  28. Susanne Daly says:

    Yesssss!! The quilt is beautiful !

  29. Kim Totty says:

    My Mom loves your blog.

  30. Denise Ostrom says:

    Love that beautiful vintage quilt – and all your books and especially the FABRICS!

  31. Nancy A says:

    Deepest condolences to you Susan on the loss of your mom. May her memories live on in you .& comfort you . May you know she is at peace.

  32. Mindy Sweeten, Lohman MO says:

    Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us. I always look forward to your updates. I have your Christmas book now but I’ll wait until December to read it. I’m taking one month at a time and just got a few fall decorations out today. The leaves here are turning yellow and falling, and the weather has cooled down. The quilt is lovely and will sure keep somebody warm this winter.

  33. Lisa Williams says:

    I love , love the quilt! It’s so beautiful. I hope, I win. I would treasure it. On a side note, I just ordered a bunch of your Christmas books! I am starting my Christmas shopping and I go to your little shop often thinking what can I order this week. It’s my happy place and favorite shopping place. I have sent my family and friends so many of your books during such a hard season and they all love you. It’s been such a blessing! I loved the zoom tea party with you the other weekend. I hope you do another one soon. Thank you for your gifts and talents and all the positive you share with us all. 🌸💗🌸💗🌸
    Happy Sunday, Susan!

  34. Kristine Teachman says:

    Happy Fall, Susan! From sunny and warm Malibu, California!

  35. LINDA A. Fleming says:

    Oh, how I would love the quilt.

  36. Robin Badjun says:

    I have been following Susan for so many years… I just love her artwork , cookbooks and her love of cats. Thank you for the opportunity to enter to win the beautiful quilt…

  37. Nancy S. says:

    Susan Branch- even your name is nice to say. . .
    Your words, your art, recipes, books and so much more conjure up thoughts of home/family/ friends and all that is beautiful in this world, aka LOVE!
    Something we all could use a little bit more of. . .
    Thank you for sharing your special gift!😊

  38. Gail Morrissey says:

    Love everything about this blog! ❤️

  39. Maria Sager says:

    Thank you for your delightful perspective! You ate lovely!

  40. Dotty wellman says:

    I love quilts and one can never have too many!!!

  41. Heidi Casper says:

    What a beautiful quilt. Almost, but not quite, a lost art. Thank you for your always positive and uplifting words!

  42. Debbie Moreno says:

    October is a very special month– I think of the romantic song Harvest Moon and the awesome weather we get here in Cambria, California. Oh and it’s my birthday month too! Thanks for the entry to win that beautiful quilt. It’ll look great in the new rental home we are moving into. Yes, moving, arghh! Our current landlord is selling the house so we need to move. Thankfully we found a place right up the road.

  43. Susan Pike says:

    Hello Susan! Thank you for all the good things you are doing. So many people are connected to you through your books, recipes, crafts and blog. When you read all the comments above you will see too. Thank you for making such a positive difference!

  44. love the beautiful quilt!!! what a perk in this cra-cra season of life!!!

  45. Arlene Cagle says:

    Beautiful quilt!

  46. Marie-Elena Baker says:

    Lovely blog ! So many memories start floating around ! What joy and smiles !
    Thank you for all your inspiration ! The “gift” quilt is just so charming ! Would love to snuggle under it !
    Cheers !

  47. Patti Frain says:

    Beautiful as always Mz.Susan…still my Idol <3

  48. Ruth Medlin says:

    Thanks for another great read.

  49. Lisa O'Brien says:

    What a beautiful newsletter, from start to finish. So good I read it twice. Happy Autumn to you, Susan Branch! Thank you for inspiring, cheering up, soothing and sharing your incredible talent and eye for beauty. My dad died unexpectedly in April, and it has been the worst six months of my 54 years. I miss him more than words can express. I see the sadness and pain in my son’s eyes that his beloved grandfather is not here. I am now caring for my mother, who is lost without her husband of 58 years. There is beauty and joy in the world, and my dad would want me to see it and share it. He will be forever in my heart. Thank you.

  50. Sandra Poland says:

    I have been a “member of the Susan Branch” site for many years no and I never tire of it. Thank you for all the enjoyment you bring to us.

  51. Suzanne Sullivan says:

    I love your newest book! I have a new friend that said she was going to wait closer to Christmas to read her copy, but I started reading my copy the day I brought it home from Titcomb’s Book Store. I throughly enjoyed hearing you talk about Home For Christmas via the online tea with Vickie Titcomb and her mom. Thanks for all that you share with us!!

  52. Sherrill Bruning says:

    Thank you for the uplifting words and pictures! This has been an especially difficult year for our whole family so it’s good to be reminded that there are so many little things to be thankful for. Love the beautiful quilt—it says “happy” to me. Thank you for just being you. Look forward to your blogs.

  53. Beth Gasiewicz says:

    Thank you for your wonderful Christmas book!
    Quickly gave it to my daughter to read – just at the beginning of her family life. Your book captures the Christmases of my life – so full of wonderful customs and traditions.
    Heartfelt sympathy, Susan. ❤️

  54. Bonnie Cochrane says:

    Love, love, love your blog and your merchandise. Thank you!

  55. Annette says:

    Hi Susan!

    You are my fav! Me and my mom adore you.. an obsession actually. We have been collecting your books for years!! Oh they bring us so much joy! I wish I knew about your fun website and blog years ago. I wish oh how I wish you could bring back the Autumn and pumpkin 🎃 cups!! This is my favorite time of year and I even named my daughter Autumn 🍂 she will be turning 15months on October 12th. Happy Harvest to you. xo PS Make more fairy stuff 🙂

  56. Virginia Potter says:

    Love your blog Susan. I am reminded of younger years, about 30 years ago getting your cookbook and savoring each page, not only for the recipe, but your artwork & story behind the recipe makes the cookbook unique. Absolute Love the Quilt! I can almost smell it’s ‘fresh off the line’ fragrance and cool crispness fabric touching my face as I carry it into my home. If quilts could talk, I bet that quilt is saying ‘I would love to retire in the ‘Little Apple, also known as Manhattan, Kansas!’ Thank you for the great blog posts & offering us SB fans a chance to own a beautiful quilt! 🌺🌺🌺-Ginny

  57. Bonnie Barksdale says:

    I love the wonderful spring quilt! And the Apple Cider donuts are to die for!

  58. Cassie says:

    What a beauty! Can’t wait to see fire pit and pictures. Love the pumpkins over the door way and everywhere. My favorite time of year! Thank you again for sharing your little slice. 💞💞

  59. Cathy Lentz says:

    Dear Susan,
    Your posts and books are “transporting!!” I love to read the memories especially! I got two Christmas books! One for me and one for my sis! We are children of the 1950s! We cried for real.., remembering our own wonderful christmases in Glennshaw Pennsylvania! Thank you for your happy spirit !!! Sending love from Virginia Beach!!! Xoxox🍎⚡️🍏 Cathy Lentz

  60. Lucinda Bernstein says:

    PICK ME!!!!! PICK ME!!!!! PICK ME!!!! I want to win the blanket!!! LOL I hope this is where we leave the comment!

    I save your blogs for days I need something special to lift my spirits. I enjoyed the Sunday tea party and I purchased your book. I would love to have a signed template to put inside it. Unfortunately I did not get one when it was shipped to me. Is there a way you can send me one?

    Have a lovely day! cindybee

  61. cindy bernstein says:

    I left a comment and it didn’t show??

    • Mindy Sweeten says:

      That happened to me too so I posted another the very next day but now I see my first one. I guess they don’t show up right away.

      • sbranch says:

        It’s really my fault . . . So many came in at once, I didn’t get them all read . . . took a while… but sooner or later!!

  62. Ruth Butters says:

    Thank you for sharing your life with us.You, Joe and Jack are such a treat and I so enjoy our peek into your lives🍁
    Thank you, thank you, Thank You💙

  63. Mary K. DuCharme says:

    Prayers but know your parents are always with you. They pop up along the way. How fortunate.

  64. Darlene Cardenas says:

    I just loved the quilt. So reminded me of my vacations I spent as a young girl on my grandparents farm in New York! Thanks for the reminder! Have a great day!

  65. Mindy Sweeten says:

    Thank you Susan for sharing your life with us. The quilt is beautiful and will make someone very warm this winter. I have your Christmas book and look forward to reading it.

  66. Donna says:

    Your attitude and your ideas always inspire! I LOVE ❤️ this quilt! It would look perfect in my guest bedroom I’ll be decorating for when family can finally come to visit! Such a homey touch!

  67. Socorro Alonzo Hughes says:

    I loved the pictures of the sky. Clouds, rainbows, sunsets and sunrises make me happy. What a Wonderful World!!

  68. Rose Storm says:

    This quilt will make someone very happy! I bought your Christmas book and am waiting closer to Christmas to read it.

  69. Mary McCatherine says:

    Always the most beautiful pictures and wonderful reminders of the season. Thank you! I cannot wait until I receive your Christmas book🎄. EXCITING❤ Have a fabulous week.

  70. Becky in Toluca says:

    Your words and pictures and the spirit that imbues them are such an enormous blessing, Sue, now more than ever. Thanks for being an oasis in the storm. The quilt is SO BEAUTIFUL and the book looks so precious… you are beyond generous to be willing to share them. Wishing you cozy days and lovely smells as we get into the cooler weather. ❤️

  71. Sharrie Ely says:

    How blessed are those who have beloved Mothers that have worked hard and have loved, taught, and encouraged their families. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  72. You bring some real joy in a troubling time.. Thank you

  73. Jenifer Ashner says:

    Hi Susan. I love your blog. Reading your sweet stories and positive messages are so heartwarming and uplifting to me. I love my ‘Little Things’ tea cup! Thank you for your inspirational words. Blessings to you ❤️

  74. Debbie says:

    You always seem to inspire us into getting ready for the changing seasons! Thank you!

  75. Robin Hickman says:

    I have always been a lover of books!! And yours are so good!! I remember having a book illustrated by Lois Leski…a sweet memory! I am looking forward to Fall weather here in Oklahoma (it should be cooler)!! I enjoy your Blog…keep up the good work!!

  76. Danise McMillen says:

    Another sublime blog! I can’t tell you how I look forward to these little nuggets of goodness! Thank you for another day-brightener! I also just received my signed copy of “Home for Christmas…” a touch of Christmas cozy in a book!

  77. Susan Johnston says:

    I admire your talent and creativity. Such cool thoughts and art. Keep making
    The world beautiful in these dark days! 😍
    Stay safe!

  78. Robin says:

    What a wonderful post this was. I always get so excited when I see that I have a new blog post in my email. This quilt is absolutely beautiful and someone is going to be a very blessed person to have this on their bed. I can’t wait until this country opens up again and you can come back to California for an event so Sandy Perry and I can see you again. Lots of love to you, Joe and Jack

  79. Elda Sullivan says:

    Thank you for sharing such beauty during a time that hasn’t always been so bright. I love your work and always look forward to your new pieces.
    Also, please know how deeply sorry I am for the loss of your dear mother. I was fortunate to see her with you at a book signing in Pasadena, CA many years ago.

  80. Maureen says:

    Thank you kindly! I would adore this

  81. Karen Lotito says:

    Hi Susan, I am terribly sorry to hear about your Mom. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Lots of love and hi to Joe and Jack. Stay safe and well. Love, Karen xoxo

  82. Kelly Clark says:

    Bless you…..

  83. Lucia Donahower says:

    Dear Susan
    So sorry to hear about your mom. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I believe that mothers are always with us in our hearts. I lost my mother 9 years ago and not a day goes by that I don’t think about her.
    I felt like I knew your mom from reading your blog, and what a wonderful person she was.
    Blessings to you,

  84. Risa Taylor says:

    So 🍁🍂Falling for FALL 🍂🍁

  85. ANNETTE says:


  86. Liz says:

    I love your books and your lovely presentation of the world. They bring me so much joy and hope! I especially connected with “Martha’s Vineyard, Isle of Dreams”. Thank you for sharing such a personal story. I shared it with my mom and she loved it too. My mom passed away this summer and your blog has become a refugee. My mom loved so many of the same things you do. I’m so very sorry about your mom. You’ve done a beautiful job of honoring her in everything you do. Thank you for your beautiful work. Wishing you peace and the same comfort you’ve brought me.

  87. Carrie Cardoza says:

    Thank you for a daily dose of delightful!

  88. Laura says:

    Happy October! Love your beautiful inspiring things you share.

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